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[NSW] Wollombi Ride, Sun Aug 20th

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Dante

    Meet at: 0900 for a 0930 departure from McGraths Hill McDonalds's.
    the corner of Windsor Rd & Groves ave

    Please ensure that you fill up before ariving at meeting point.

    ETA Wollombi 1230 - 1300

    The Route: Putty road to Wollimbi for a feed sto...

    ... more

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  2. Sign up here if your coming along

    marvin 'greg' the martian

    kanduli01 (ed)

    Meeting us at wollombi
  3. I had planned to go to Wollombi on sunday with a mate with a Triumph Bonneville. We'll probbaly join this ride or see you there !
  4. will need to know if you plan on meeting us at the mcdonalds micky so i can mark you off my clipboard with list of riders :p
  5. Awww I'd l000ve to come along I already have plans this coming weekend...
    Damn it!!!
  6. Me and Deepwater will be there !
  7. Put me down as maybe for this one.
  8. Gah...

    Need another midweek ride. I can't make the weekend ones. Work on Sat morn and Church all day sunday.

    Sounds like an awesome ride though.
  9. I know give up church :) ride is more fun :twisted:

    I'm in.
  10. Riding IS church.

    Tentative for me, gotta check with the boss...
  11. I have a few prior commitments that I have to try and get out of first. Put me down as a maybe for now.....

    Cheers All....
  12. Hmmm, if I can get time off work I'll definatly come along. Will post more as information presents itself...have to practice my 'sick voice'.
  13. I was just in the middle of writing it's on like donkey kong baby !~

    But then a work mate just reminded me that we have to come in on the weekend, to help implement a new release of a system. I just need to check with some managers to find out what day it is. I'm HOPING it is Saturday, better not be Sunday, :( ohhhh the joys of IT Security :mad:

    Will keep you posted, hopefully should know shortly.
  14. grrr, I've got church on Sunday too, and I can't duck out because I'm doing the music AND preaching...

    Why must it always be the Putty rides that I miss?? :cry:
  15. well i hope to see you both on the day scrambles and deepwater. if the weather is anything like it is the last few days its going to be a cracker of a ride.

    hornet, marvin told me has been spreading ACME bird sead up the putty to get peacocks to randomly run infont of your bike. (think road runner cartoons)

    id really like to ride maquarie pass with you tho perhaps on the 26th.
  16. I did a run to Newcastle and back yesterday, if the weather is anything like it was yesterday it will be pure bliss riding up the Putty Rd.

    I'm wanting to come more and more now...
  17. I did a blast up Macquarie Pass to the Robbo Pie Shop and back yesterady arvo. Ditto
  18. I will check the weather predictions for sunday...that will have a major bearing on my "cold"
  19. You mean you have finally got your bike back on the road :) look out Sydney Hornet is back :twisted:
  20. Because we deliberatly put them on on sunaday just for our sake :twisted: and the sake of the Lyre birds :evil: It is just a coincidence that you can't make it the days we work out is the best day for a ride :angel: