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NSW - Wollombi - jam lady

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by duncanp, May 7, 2007.

  1. I was at the pub in Wollombi riding down from Port Macquarie the other day on my own. I had just picked up my hamburger and was walking past a lady sitting outside facing the parked bikes when I noticed that she had a bright yellow plastic fly swat in operation. I had never seen so many flies at one time for ages. Anyway as I walked past her, she told me to come and sit next to her while I ate my burger. She said she'd keep her fly swat in action and I could eat in peace.

    Well I ate my burger and was fanned by her fly swat. After I'd finished eating we chatted and she commented that a lot of bikies used the pub but nobody walked up the road to buy her jams.

    She refused my offer of a drink but I thought today maybe a note to the Netrider crew would do her more good.

    Please go and make her day - buy a jar of her jam from up the road.

  2. Maybe her advertising just isn't aimed at the biker market... instead of "strawberry jam", perhaps she needs to have "Hi-Speed Factory Toast-lube" or something written on the label.
  3. Or FIGJAM :?
  4. so duncan !
    When are you inviting us over for tea and scones ! :rofl:
  5. Maybe i could have picked up a few dozen jars when i had the across but storage space will be very tight when i pick up the new bike, i will be happy if my wet weather pants will fit in the boot and i dont have a tank bag yet.
  6. Nice one, Micky.

    Toecutter has organised a ride there on Friday leaving Mobil Berowra 1045. Now I've got to go up the hill and work out which shop.
  7. Am sure she'd be able to market "Traffic Jam" to motorcyclists with little trouble although it would probably be less palatable to your typical 4-wheel commuter types :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: