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[NSW] Wollombi - Friday 11th May, Fri May 11th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, May 8, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Alex

    Departing Mobile Berowra at 10.45. Ride to Wollombi for some lunch and back.

    Plenty of re-group spots (and will ensure you don't take the wrong turnoff to Peats Ridge)

    Back to Berowra before peak hour - around 2.30pm

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  2. I'm coming, therefore you should too :p

    If tyres come in fast I might be running in my new speed demons on this ride. Either that or I'll be finishing off the old ones :rofl:
  3. I'll be there.
    It's a long way just to buy some jam!
  4. Id be willing to take a sick day but i dont pick up my ride till the 12th :(
  5. Remember Jared, there only pulling away from you cos your scrubbing your new tyres in :p
  6. you sure thats not that the old ones will finish you off jared :LOL:

    that right hand side of the front is racing slick quality :LOL:
  7. Yeah I don't understand why the right side is so more much worn than the left when I think I go alot harder on left handers...

    Heres hoping by some miracle motorcycle weaponry get the tyre tomorrow and I can get it fitted early friday morning.. I'm sure I'm just dreaming though. Still, it would be nice to get tyres done since they're replacing my quite literally non existant brake pads :LOL: :LOL:
  8. because the road cambers off to the left jared
  9. Just to clarify - NO DIRT on this ride. Although a few of the bikes could handle it, Phizog's fairings look good and am sure he'd like to keep them that way.

    From my deleted, non-calendar automated, before approved post.....

    Retrun trip - optional via Worthingtons at Kariong - there are some boots on sale to check out

    Feel free to call/SMS me on 0412 949 273

    Cheers Alex
  10. Hmmm seriously considering coming down with an illness on friday looks scetchy though cause of the weekend oh well this is what sick days are for really......count me in at this stage
  11. Thats the way! See you there.
  12. Hey Alex and Jared want to ride together to Berowra?

    Not sure how to get there.

  13. No worries

    Meeting @ HART, St Ives on Mona Vale RD at 10am. Just hang in the driveway.
  14. Just had a look at my front tyre, right side is bald so I'll be taking righters easy :LOL: :grin:
  15. Hopefully the weather stays good. You can't get a tyre at either Weaponry, Connors or Freedom??
  16. Not sure where connors is actually. But I ordered a set of speed demon from weaponry yesterday.. or maybe it was monday. I'll give them a call tomorrow, might be able to get them on friday morning if they come in. Fingers crossed.
  17. buy some jam :grin:
  18. Brian Connors is diagonally opposite Maccas in Brookvale and next to the BIG Bottle shop, in Mitchell Road - he carries pretty good stock levels.
  19. And their customer service is good. I blame Brian for my new bike.