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[NSW] Wollimbi Ride, Sun Jul 9th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by MarvinTheMartian, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Dante seems a bit sleepy today one day he'll wake up and approve the ride I've posted in the calendar. :cool:

    Meanwhile back in the mad house: :twisted:

    Meet 0900 for 0930 departure at the Scottish Resturant (McDonald's) McGraths Hill

    Ride to Wollimbi via Putty Road for lunch, return via Mangrove Mountain and Great Western Hwy.

    Distance is about 300kms so fill up before we go. There are a few country servo's enroute.

    Happy now people so you had all better turn up or I will be upset :cheeky:

    Gregg (3g)
    gabak +2
    Mud Monkey

    Leave passes still to be signed



    Hornet (he hates the Putty road and those damn Liar birds :LOL: )
    Pete The Freak
    Everyone else
  2. Added to Calendar by: Marvin

    Start: 0900 for 0930 departure
    Meet at: McD's McGraths Hill

    The Ride: Putty road to Wollimbi for lunch, return via Mangrove Mountain and Old Pacific Hwy
    The trip distance is about 300km all up and there are servo's on the way.

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  3. ....I hate to upset you Greg, so I better turn up. I think Sajie and Mickyb said they'd be along on this one also. But wait for them to confirm.

  4. Too bad you are starting off so far west.
    I might head across from here and meet up with you guys, wil have to see what the finance oficer says.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Im down for a good ride and also is it ok 2 bring 2 friends or is this a private ride
  6. Bastards!!!

    Please don't organise Wollombi runs when I'm busy... And I just finished my latest bottle of Dr Jurds as well...

    Bastards. :p
  7. As much as I want to upset you 2G, I do want to have a proper ride, so, I'll upset you next time.

    Where is McDonald's @ McGraths Hill??? Could you draw a route map? Coordinates to the third decimal would be great as well. :grin:

    I am up at the Northshore, anyone wants to meet up prior to official meeting point? :p

    Now Bill, how many balls do I need for this ride? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. not yet confirmed.

    I was going to offer to give directions, but I think I won't ! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. https://netrider.net.au/pics/maps/nsw-mcgrathshill.gif

    From the NorthShore take Epping Rd, M2 and exit via Old Windsor RD (ie the last exit before the M7 starts) head west to McGraths Hill.

    Old Windsor Rd is a minimum 2 lane road that becomes Windsor Rd further up the way.
  10. ...yeah, if you know where Parklea Markets is, head towards there, then just keep going, thru Rouse Hill, the Mean Fiddler, then just before Windsor is the McGraths Hill Micky D's.... if you have trouble finding your way let me know and we can work something out....

    ....as for how many balls, can you juggle....?
  11. I'd like to meet you guys at Wollombi and do part of your return route, however I have a little 12 hour dayshift that day unfortunately. :(
    And I don't want to be taking any calls about bike prangs on the Putty. Ride safe ya hear! :grin:
  12. well, I'll be taking Penant Hill Road from Turramurra. I was actually asking for exact address/street name of the venue, I can read map, believe it or not :LOL:

    juggle? do i look like a clown? i can do flyign trapeze though :LOL:
  13. ....clown...? You mean that wasn't you on that mini R1 that Mick posted the other day....?

  14. I am in for this ride, see ya all on Sunday!
  15. Clowns freak me out. There is something fundamentally unnerving about them, kind of like the Wiggles. Would love to go on this ride guys, the road to Wollombi is fantastic. I will be in Adelaide this weekend so I cannot attend.
  16. Corner of Windsor Rd & Groves Ave is where the mc-donalds is.
  17. did someone say clown ????

  18. Leave pass signed, coutn me in.

    Sean D
  19. Thanks Dante, found it! will take Penant Hill - Castle Hill - ...something else (I forgot) - Windsor Rd
    Less straight forward but cutting corners
    I like challenge :LOL:

    Sorry to disappoint you, but nah the clown wasn't me. By the taste of the outfit, it's more likely to be Bill the fisherman... :p
  20. ...like Andrew Dice Clay once said, '...Fishermen...they catch fish, they sell fish, they smell like fish.....I knew this girl once, Yvonne.....' I won't finish the quote off 'cause anyone who knows the Dice knows the quote.....