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[NSW] Wisemans Ferry, Sun Oct 15th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Marvin

    Wisemans Ferry via River Rd

    Meet McDonalds McGraths Hill 1000 for a 1030 departure

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  2. :LOL:

    sounds good mate. i will let you know in or out later this week
  3. Yeah I should be up for it, at least I hope I have nothing else on.
  4. Well, look who's here......Greg the Martian resurrects! :grin:
    If that means I get to give Greg a long overdue hard time, (or to get one more likely...) I may have to join in the ride. I'll check when my ex's birthday piss night is.
  5. I am in.

    It will be the last trip before the VTR gets a new voice.

    Light the fires and burn the tyres.
  6. sorry, can't make it.
    Bike sick. :(
  7. Nevermind Micky, there will be another ride
  8. Scambles don't say that or something will happen on the ride and you won't be able to get your pipe again. :p
  9. Unless I buy a new bike between now and Sunday ;)
    And go on with my plan to have a weekend bike and the VTR for commuting.
  10. well.. if you don't mind me tagging along... you can wait for me at Wisemans.. I'm in at this stage..
  11. Nah. I'm throwing caution to the wind.
    This is the big test....if I come off again then the custom project is not to be....
  12. :) well here's hoping. :grin:
  13. Just keep that seat warm....
  14. I'll put a sheep skin cover on there, because I know you have a sensitive rump. You've been riding the 250 for to long. :grin:
  15. Count me as a maybe. I'm picking my bike up from the shop on Thurs/Fri (battery charge problem finally fixed!!) and have to go to Newcastle and back on Saturday, so we'll see how energetic I am on Sunday morning...
  16. Time change - meet now 1200 for a 1230 departure.

    The FZ6 is up for sale, and someone wants to look at it. :)
  17. I'm looking for $7500
  18. How long do you think the ride is going to take?

    Is there a planned stop at the Wiseman's Pub?
  19. The ride to the pub should take about 1 -1&1/2 hours, the stop should be about ????, the return possibly via mangrove mountain or galston gorge