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[NSW] Why was my CTP so cheap?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by chokpa, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    Got a green slip today from QBE and they only charged me mid 200s. When I went through the government site, and NRMA they both said the price should be mid 400s.

    I've since registered the bike and the RTA seem to be happy with it. Thing is, I did it on the phone and I don't think the lady even asked if i had been in any accidents previously, or other questions like that which are on the online quoting services.

    Did I just get a good deal or is something wrong here?

    And yes, it's 12 months.

  2. what bike is it?
  3. '04 vtr250
  4. LOL - don't question it :p
  5. Maybe double check that the lady didn't screw up and only provide the 6 month cover price. In my experience, whenever I speak to an insurance co phone operator/rta call centre employee etc on the phone they always tell me something, only for it to turn out to be completely false when I call back next time. Remember, most of the people who work in these sorts of mundane jobs aren't the brightest sparks out there, albeit there are a few who are decent.
  6. There is a huge disparity in prices for Green Slips. The last few years I have checked on the web site and seen prices charged that are up to twice what I ended up paying for the same coverage. It definitely pays to shop around.
  7. I'm afraid if its ever needed they'll tell me its void because its based on the premium of a 30 year old white woman living in kirribilli house with 3 attack dogs guarding it at night.

    I got her to email me the receipt and it says 12 months. And I asked her on the phone. But I get what you mean...
  8. it's still a ridiculous price for CTP in my opinion, but definitely a bargain compared to what I paid.
  9. Grr my '05 VTR is $462 with QBE this year... combined with rego that's $580 to keep it on the road, 10% of what I paid for it!

    Good work getting it so cheap.
  10. was that just ctp or third party qbe too?
  11. That's just CTP :(

    My third party is something like $238 with Swann.
  12. See that's what I mean. How is it possible I got such cheap CTP when you guys are doubling it
  13. Shut up right now and have a celebratory drink :cool:

    You didn't lie, so there is no fraud or possible repercussions. Enjoy it, you lucky bastard.
  14. What age are you? I thought the $450 stuff was the HIGHEST not necessarily the norm?
  15. im the worst age and worst gender for insurance :)

    early 20s
  16. f*ck the mac and whoever else is responsible for the engine capacity-based ctp scheme. if I had 25 ccs less I would be paying over $200 less on my ctp. as it stands, to get my new (second hand) ducati monster 750 rego'd the cheapest ctp I could find was $672 through GIO. doh! yet if i'd bought an r6 or something with much more bhp I would've paid less. outrageous
  17. 08 r1 was sold that I posted the guy wanted my brother to put rego on it so he did gio was $670 for ctp but if it had full comp already on it it was $420 for ctp all good he didn't want full comp as it was being sold the next day so he rang nrma got a cover note then went and got the cheaper ctp from gio rang nrma today and cancelled the cover note