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(NSW) Why the DD points?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by StRider, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. It seems that someone locked my previous thread, as I did not state it was for NSW. To be honest the topic was relevant for every state, but someone throught otherwise it seems. So i am correcting my serious error

    MOD: No it isn't relevant in states where there are no DD points like VICTORIA. Lose the attitude please.

    Can someone explain something to me? In an effort to reduce the death toll on our roads during the holidays (which I am told is no higher than at any other times, all considered - but let's ignore that) they have introduced double demerit points.

    Apparently the high death tolls is due to drivers speeding on highways and country roads, as they go on holidays and there are many more cars on these roads. That being the case, why is this blitz also taking place in the city and suburbs? I see no difference in vehicle numbers and driver behaviour in the suburban streets, so why are there so many cops out there and why should we be penalised twice as hard during this time?

    It is so ridiculous, rather than concentrating on the traffic and riding at a sensible speed (not speeding mind you) we are watching the speedo more than the road, terrified that we might accidentally go a little faster. It's no joke; one little mistake and half your licence is gone in one hit.


    Anyhow the fact that we have DD in the city is simply one more example of the stupidity of our traffic laws, and draconian enforcement, of which I have complained ad nauseum. I have also sugggested that education and leniency would go a long way (as well as improve police-community relations), but I am often ridiculed for it. It's interesting to note that the more advanced countries are doing just that.

    But I am not a master of the written word, perhaps this article in today's SHM will explain my feelings a bit better:

    http://snurl.com/22jc8 [www_smh_com_au]
    Now let's see the netrider nazis support the police and the government, as they always do. :p
  2. if you dont speed you wont get busted.
    you might cause frustration to the masses and encourage stupid overtaking resulting in accidents and death, but you wont get fined...
    as for the suburbia v country roads thing, forget it.
    you cant have one rule for some areas and another rule for others, as everyones destination iis different.

    i reckon the major cause of crashes over easter etc. is people not slowing down on roads they dont know, or travel often. that, and the impatience/frustration thing.
  3. I agree that it's impractical to have one rule for the suburbs and one for the country, but all you need to do is to fouc on the country and not in the suburbs. But there are cops everywhere int he 'burbs this weekend. Why, if this is not where the problem lies (as you admit)?

    Anyhow there are plenty of other articles and reports that show that DD do not work, all they do is make criminals of honest citizens. I will post some up if others are interested, when I get the chance.

    Happy easter people, try not to fill the government's coffers this weekend.
  4. Maybe it's to catch those that are speeding and/or drink driving through suburban areas thinking that all the cops will be on the highways over the long weekend.
  5. Why DD?

    With more people on the roads, people often in a hurry, often with kids annoying the driver, often with luggage obscuring vision, people going further distance than they're used to, people driving who don't normally drive, all in worse traffic than normally - DD is the govt's way of having everyone on their toes so that no one is silly enough to do stupid things in this holiday period.

    That said, half your license gone for doing 5kmh over the speed limit is f@$%ked.
  6. No, the big cause of more accidents it imbeciles who do not maintain their cars and their driving skills.
    Those that spend every day of their lives ploughing the exact same road morning and afternoon, in a defective vehicle with poor brakes, tyres,suspension etc, and suddenly find themselves on a narrow two lane road, with actual potholes, no shuolder, no traffic lights telling them what to do at an intersection.
    They find themselves on an unfamiliar road, often with poor light, rain, vehicle overloaded or poorly loaded, lots of other people with the same lack of skills. Then the more ambitious ones get agressive from waiting in a queue (don't they KNOW who I am???), take a risk, and the whole line of dominos transmits someone else's problem back down teh line, and someone hits someone, or swerves, dodgey car overloaded goes off teh road in a panic brake, and it's all over red rover.
    It's got NOTHING to do with speeding, and plenty to do with poor enforcement of vehicle standards and driver skills.
    Combine it with a trebling or quadrupling of vehicle movements per day on many roads, and it's a simple numbers game that you'll have more accidents.
    Double demerits merely makes teh government look like it is doing something, and that something is shifting the blame for their piss poor standards and lack of enforcement for the rest of the year. Plus, they can make more money fining people during this period, see more movements above.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Simple. Very simple. It's all about making money. Like front number plates on bikes.
  8. :applause: :applause: :applause:

    Not often I agree with you Andrew, but my view is you're right on the money. If people were actually taught how to drive to be able to get their license we (the whole population) would be much better off.

    All this "speed kills" propaganda the government spews out is a load of crap. Speed doesn't kill - people who can't drive for shit kill. :evil:
  9. Funny... seemed to have worked.

    0 Fatalities in NSW for the long weekend.
  10. ^^
    hard to argue with that!
  11. Don't start. It's a statistical anomaly. How long have they had it in now? 5 years? 7 times a year? That's 35 times they've tried this and other than the first couple it's shown no difference to the holiday road toll.

    They were lucky this time. It had nothing to do with double demerits.

    How many road trips are there in Australia each year? 3-5 billion? and how many road deaths are there? about 1000-1500. Thats is nominally 0.

    They should stop spending money trying to get 0 smaller. All it is doing is frustrating people, making traffic slower and probably causing as many accidents as it is preventing.
  12. How many non-fatal road accidents happened?

    But you're right, the weekend was a HUGE success!
    Only 2 kids drowned in swimming pools, and a bloke got stabbed in Baulko. Great!
  13. not for Tas or Victoria to start with... :roll:
  14. This could be a good thing ibast. Now they have reached zero during the Easter period, what's their excuse going to be next year when deaths start rising? Speed again??

    Definitely agree with your point about trying to get 0 smaller, the line has to be drawn somewhere.
  15. Fair go, people drive like absolute knobjockeys on long weekends. I do too when I have to sit in stop-start traffic 200km from home.
  16. Funny thing is that evidence shows mechanical defects tend to play a very small role in crashes. One theory as to why this is so is that people who are driving real shit-boxes tend to take extra care.

    For trucks and buses however mechanical condition does play a major role in crash causation.

    refer Vic Police evidence to Parliamentary Inquiry on Road Safety:

    The results of the statistical analyses showed no statistically significant difference in accident and injury rates for states with PMVI compared to states without PMVI. (PMVI = Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspection)

  17. Well, I can tell you for a fact that in a past life as a tow truck driver, every accident I attended had a vehicle with some sort of defect, ranging from bald tyres to poor lighting etc. I am wary of studies on this subject, because they do not reflect the poor standard that many older vehicles are in.
    I also know a someone who buys older cars, and spends teh time getting them back up to par, that ALL older cars have some sort of defect that will affect handling or braking performance.
    I'm not talking about the obvious things like tyres, but worn suspensiopn bushes, shocks, hazy windscreens etc. It is extremely common and I guarantee it is a factor in many accidents, but the police merely write a neg driving ticket and rush off somewhere else.
    The coroner's database is hardly a definitive study of accidents. It's merely a study of fatal accidents. I contend that many smaller accidents are partially caused by brakes that aren't as good as they shuold be, poor tyres in wet conditions etc.
    As teh police do not look at vehicles involved in accidents anymore, we'll never see a study, as these studies just pick and choose the data they compile, they're not true studies.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. DD and fines in general. Why?

    Money + the illusion of action.

    Your Government is in control. Go back to sleep.
  19. Still 0 fatalaties in NSW.

    Regardless of all the deadbeats that still ran into each other, that's pretty good. Something right must have happened. It is a statistical anomoly, that's for sure. But it's a good thing.
  20. Yes it's a good thing, but there's no correlation between this and the DD. Last Easter and particulalry the last Xmas we had very high death rates, higher than the previous year both with DD and high police presence.

    If the police etc are going to use this Easter's result as a justification of their tactics, then what does last year say? That they don't work. You can't have it both ways.