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NSW - who was taking pics at macquarie pass 16th sept?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kursed, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. I wanted to see the pic of me dawdling past :) ok I was going as hard as I could but I was with a thou (ninja) that was owning me completely up there. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant road. I couldn't wipe the stupid grin off my face when we arrived at robinsons. so. damn. good.

    this is entirely what I ride for.

    props to schnitzel for putting up with my slowness today :)

  2. Hey Luke... kept that one secret. (the ride that is)..suppose you're talking about Bneaver there. Would've joined you if I'd known... :grin: Not getting that watch now! New jacket for summer instead.... :cool:
  3. Hey Luke, im glad you got out on the roads today, was thinking there should have been some people out there some where on some nice road! I so wish i could have joined anyone or been out there on my own so much.

    I did go window shopping though for a new machine. :grin:
  4. steve how about the 29th mate, we were doing a super secret test track run on sat. confirmed to be a bloody great circuit of roads.

    I am in the hunter next weekend so that rules me out for then since i'll be drunkymcstagger the whole time :)

    oh and today is 'girlfriend day'.
  5. luke, what are you looking at to buy mate?
  6. Was an excellent day for a ride, shame about the cars on the pass though. There was a guy on a nice shiny cbr 250 who it the concrete wall on a nasty corner going down into kangaroo valley from robertson, couldn't start his bike and was stuck on the corner with a truck coming down the pass.

    Hey Luke, hurry up with the new bike so you can get back out on the roads with us.

  7. I believe that I know the guy who was taking the pics as a good mate said he was going up there yesterday to do just that.

    So, if there was a 2007 maroon Weestrom (650 V-strom) parked nearby and this was at the sweeping left (actually the triple left) just prior to the overtake lanes heading uphill, then it was him.

    If so, PM me the full details of your bike including your riding gear description and I will contact him to get any pics he got.

  8. The photographer was a guy who's a member of the Illawarra Rider's Association. He got around 200 photos.... (But he scared a few folks who thought he was a cop :LOL:.)
  9. Hey man, i went and had a real good look at the 2007 model R6 in black, there doing great deals as the new 08 one is due very soon.

    Im steering clear of blue bikes, as both my last R6's went through dramas of some sorts.

    Very soon mate, as soon as I do mate, you both will be the first to know! Im feeling good with the ribs, in less pain, back is still a bit stiff.

    But if you both get pic's from the fella, be sure to post them up!
  10. Garry, thanks mate shot you a PM.

    Steve, turns out I am booked out with other crap the next weekend and one after too.. sigh. looks like I won't see winding tarmac for a while
  11. Luke can't I convince you to invest in a kwaka or are ya still a yammy man?
  12. hey we were down that way yesterday didnt bump into you though

    holler if you doing macq pass or kangaroo valley next time
  13. No probs.

    Have messaged him and when he uploads the pics he will send me the link which I will post up for you (and anyone else).

    From there, if you find the pic of you just let me know and I will get it.