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(nsw) who is going to track day 2morrow

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by mr zeft, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. hey guy just wondering if any one is going track day 2moz and meet up for a ride before in the blacktown area then go the the creek :biker:

  2. Hey mate I'm from the blacktown area and going to the trackday tomorrow. We'll be trailering the bikes down but your welcome to squeeze into our garage on the day (it's first in best dressed so the earlier the better).

    What are you riding mate?

    I'll be there with a flat black cbr600rr (track bike), yellow cbr250rr (road), white sv650 (track) and a black gixer thou (road).

  3. I don't think.he is riding his only just on his ls.
    I will be there with udlose can't wait :)
  4. That's Finns nephew Marty
  5. Hey I not riding on the track I'm find there
    And I ride a 2003 zzr 250
  6. Ahh cool! He's welcome to hang out with us even if he's not racing.
  7. I'm pumped for tomorrow Trent! One of us will ride the 250 down and I'll do the first session on it for a laugh.

    Ps do you have any glue suitable for gluing down my race seat? I went to stick it on today and my tube was empty.
  8. did u do a curry fart and it came unstuck?
  9. Oh golly gosh yes
  10. Ok thank wat time should I ride down to the creek
  11. I might join you guys (spectate only).....depends how sleepy I get tomorrow morn.

    Trent ring my phone for the stands.
  12. Any time after 8
  13. Garage 37
  14. I was down there yesterday, might come down again today to have a watch...

    Hope the rain holds off for you guys, yesterday was beautiful...

  15. Did you manage to get your bike troubled sorted out UDLOSE?
  16. .... nice shot! ([MENTION=31398]Miraz[/MENTION])

    Bum needs to be moved over a tiny bit more, body needs to be a bit more off the bike, but mostly - "By George! I think he's got it!"

    The head has turned to track the corner, but the body is still in line with the bike. Rotate the body to point where the head points. When you do that, the knee will drop out further (no input from the rider required) and you'll be sailing through that corner with little or no concern. You're 90% there. -ie, if you had your lower body position right, your knee would have been down there.

    There's nothing wrong with your lean angle. That bike doesn't need to be leaned over any more than it is. Keep that the same - get your body a little bit further off the bike. That on its own should net you about 10km/h more through that corner.
  17. The jury is still out on that one. Next session I took it out and it was going perfectly then it hicupped on the straight, It lost power under brakes into turn 2!! I nearly ran off the track. It restarted so I rode out the emergency exit at 4. When I was in the pits I went from neutral to first and it died instantly. At that moment I went looking straight at the side stand switch. I haddent bypassed it the best, it's possible it was cutting in and out so we cut the wires and taped them up. I took it out again and it was fine but I didn't go full pelt, I was a little scared tbh. So now I don't know where it's at and the worst part is I won't know till I take it out to the track again :/
  18. JPM has some pics up;

    The mighty 250

    Me & Trent

  19. The pics look so good
  20. For the track day vets, what is the kind of bike riding in the white group? Is it mostly or a good portion LAMS bikes or do people ride thous in them too?