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[NSW] Where to go for a blue slip

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MrWasabi, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. I really didnt know where to post this, since i am i new rider i thought i would come here...

    I bought my bike off a friend and bought it unregistered. Condition of purchase was that he take it get a blueslip. He took it to Sydney City Motorcycles and they told him it needed work (surprise surprise...) new bearings, exhaust leak, kick stand etc... got all of it fixed, but i dont want to take it back there, as ive read on here thats the last place you take your bike to do a blue slip, as they will purposely try and find faults.

    anyways i want to take it for another check up and i wanted to know if anyone around the Parramatta / Northmead / Castle Hill / Ryde / Bossley Park areas (yes i know they are wide spread but i can go to any of them)could recommend a place where they will do some basic checks, and not go over the bike with a fine tooth combe.

    The bike is in good nick, but i got told that the bearings were rubbish by SCM, when i pulled them out they looked newer than the new set... so i dont want someone who will try and swindle me into unneeded repairs.

    If you have a mechanic you can recommend that can do blue slips i would love to hear from you.
  2. Don't take it to a bike mechanic, thats just silly - its in their interests to find faults as they can get money from you.

    Go to a car mechanic, if they can do blue slips for cars they can do them for bikes. I just had my blueslip done and they checked headlight, indicators and brake light, and that the vin, etc. matched up, thats IT. Didn't even get me to turn it on... which wasn't such a bad thing since my exhaust is a little bit loud.
  3. Sweet thanks for the help

    i asked the RTA to give me a list of approved places, but wanted to know if you guys had any one who wouldnt look at the bike in such great detail as others...
    no i am not looking for dodgy under the table jobs, just someone you guys know and trust
    thanks again
  4. My wife has some black slips if thats any help, think she gets them from target but I could be wrong :roll:

    Note: silly answer only made because sensible one has already been put forth.