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NSW What type of kit do unmarked cars carry in them nowadays

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. I ask this only as the latest unmarked car in my area a dark blue ss commodore has 7 aerials on its rear, i followed it today and wished i had a camera, they usually only have the 2, it had a large uhf cb type antenna the usual 2 smaller 1's on the back then 4 others??? is it purely a disguising method or are they inserting some very spohisticated machinery, ps i know it is a police car i have watched him book people a few times on my travels plus he has the led lights either side of the rear number plate if the aerials weren't enough giveaway, just curious in what they kit out in the unmarked highway patrol cars nowadays

  2. The latest unmarked car I've seen only had a small aerial on the roof, kind of like how some BMW's have them.
    But the dash was covered in gadgets of course.
  3. They are to guide the satellites into position so that when they catch you speeding the missiles can be fired with greater accuracy.
  4. probably a mobile command post.
  5. LOL!!! :LOL:

    I've never seen one with more than 3 aerials...

    I'd be leaning to more a command post... Altho even thats not normally a sedan.
  6. Re: NSW What type of kit do unmarked cars carry in them nowa

    watch out for the black xr6 didn't take any notice how many ariels he had :wink:
  7. The State Governors car is the same,think just about every communications
    type you can think of,the security bloke told me but I cannot remember the specifics,I was working at the Chief Sectary's building where her office is,nice lady BTW.
  8. :LOL: