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[NSW] What looks better on your record? Suspension question.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by oldmanriver, May 23, 2009.

  1. What looks better down the track?
    A) Recorded as "Lisence suspended for 3 months"

    or 8) "Lisence not suspended but on probation for 12 mnonths"

    Im wondering because I've lost all my points and consiodering doing the 3 months but is it better for your record if you take the 12 months ie you are not actually recorded as having been suspended? Does the 3 month suspension look worse on your record as opposed to just being on 1 point 'probation' for 12 months.

    Just wondering because when you go to court to fight a fine then they will bring up your driving record.
  2. Probation doesn't show on your record.
    Suspension does.

    It makes a difference for your insurance, but it probably won't make
    much difference on your court case because they would bring up your
    history of offences.

    The biggest decision you have to make is :
    - can you really stay off the road completely for 3 months
    - can you really behave yourself 100% of the time for a whole 12 months
  3. The answers no to both but what is the difference for insurance? Do you en suspended for 3 months is worse for insurance? I thought the insurance questions are only like"have you been denied a licence?' Suspension technically isnt loosing your licence its just on hold for 3 months.
  4. Insurance asks: Have you ever had your license suspended or canceled, including good behavior agreements.

    Same same i'd bet.
  5. Hmm, that's new. I guess you're screwed either way then.
  6. Suspension or cancellation will cause some insurers not to insure you.
    InsureMyRide are an example of this.
    "Oh yeah! We love to look after motorcyclists because we prefer to insure the real enthusiasts you know... who have never lost their license."


    May also prevent some insurers from insuring you for a higher risk vehicle: WRX or a V8 if you're under 25, etc.

    Mostly though, there's just an extra excess, which only stings you if you make a claim.
    If an insurer tries to jack up your premium because of a suspension, tell them to jam it and shop around.
  7. Generally the probation does not need to be disclosed. A suspension will. Don't take the suspension as it may preclude you from not only insurance, but some jobs also may be unavailable if you have had a suspension.
  8. Re: [NSW] What looks better on your record? Suspension quest

    your driving record only comes into it after you have been found guilty. It has no bearing until then.

    Take the 1 point option, better for insurance
  9. 'Suspension' is recorded as a "prior conviction".

    'Probation' is recorded, but not as a prior.

    Insurance companies don't care about the differentiation.
    Law Courts do.

    That was how Victoria dealt it. Might pay to check with someone a bit more recent and local though.
  10. Same thing happened to me, I took the probation for the above reasons, plus you get to keep driving, so long as you're very very sensible. Which is a very good thing to learn :]
  11. How can insurance companies check do they have access to RTA records? I thought only cops could do that?
    I think I'll go the 3 months. 12 months is a long time and 'shit happens' might get done for anything, doesnt have to be speeding. Then its 6 months without any chance of arguing it.
  12. They don't check...

    until you have a claim, especially if it goes to court. Then it
    all comes out, and if you've lied on your insurance application then
    you'll find you have no cover at all- just when it is too late to do anything
    about it.
  13. Personally, I'd try to be good for 12 months to avoid a conviction - it can be done.

    Shit can happen, but a conviction is shit that sticks forever and may get in the way of job applications, insurance, travel, .....
  14. I dot understand. WHat is the 'conviction' for?? I have only run out of points I havent lost the licence for the speed I was doing just for accumulating 12 points.
  15. Ooops, my bad, sorry. :roll:

    Forgot it was just a points thing.

    Take the 3 months....
    ..... and don't get caught! :LOL:
  16. personally I'll take the probation. technically you werent suspended. just technically.

    If you have to ride daily, its a bit risky because it doesnt allow you any room for brainfarts. So you have to be extra vigilant.
  17. they don't check, but they can ask you to provide an original of your driving record before processing the claim.