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[NSW] What is the minimum age for a pillion?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by the mole, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. Does anyone know the legal minimum age for a pillion in NSW? I can't find it on the RTA website.

  2. I dont think there is a legal limit, you simply have to be on your black license (ie off your P's).
  3. Dont worry its late, i didnt realise the question O_O
  4. Thanks Stigger!
  5. What about a helmet, is there such thing as a kids road helmet, ive got an xs but still is to big/heavy for my son, or do you let them ride with a bicycle or dirt bike kids helmet?
  6. Yep, some brands have 'youth' sizes, but these are mainly motorcross helments.

    I know HJC and CMS used to have youth sizes in their range, but my kids have been in adult sizes for a couple of years now so it may have changed.
  7. BE AWARE !!!!

    INFO ON THIS TOPIC HAS changed recently..

    In Some states (possibly all) Minimum age is now 8years old to pillion.

  8. That is a joke. Another step towards banning motorcycles altogether.
  9. Which state?

    The VicRoads site still has it as being 8 as does the Motorcycle Riders Handbook (NSW).
  10. In VIC it is 8 years old.
    Came into effect last year with those new road rule changes.
  11. Sorry My bad, I knew it had changed , and Thought it was 12 now...


    Only thing worse than wrong information , is correcting it with OTHER wrong information.
  12. It's alright, you just had me worried, so I thought I'd check for myself.
  13. Since the last changes to the road rules it's now 8 years old.

    Pillion passengers and animals
    Riders must not ride with:

    * more than one pillion passenger.
    * more passengers in a sidecar than the sidecar is designed to carry.
    * an animal between the rider and the handlebars (working farmers exempt for 500 metres on a road).
    * a child under 8 years old unless the passenger is in a sidecar.

    Pillion passengers must sit astride the motorcycle and behind the rider, face forward and keep both feet on footpegs provided for them.

    from here...

    I've reported that old brochure to VicRoads and asked that it be removed.
  14. this laws are getting out of hand.... but what do you expect if the foundation of laws are designed by criminals/crooks themselves.

    dont know if true, but apparently in nsw if child is under 8 they cannot sit in the front .
    what happens if you own a 2 seater car??
  15. It exempts a two seater car.