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[NSW] What do you do when you buy a bike without Rego

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Tomcatalex, May 23, 2008.

  1. Going to buy a bike this weekend

    The guy told me he will sell it with a Blue Slip, but no rego or plates

    What do I do next,

    Do I go to RTA first or do I have to get a Greenslip First, but if I dont have a plate or rego details how do I get the greenslip

    Just wondering if anyone has been through this routine, would like advice
  2. Just went through the same process myself, get yourself a greenslip (they will create one without a rego number against it) then mosey on down to the RTA. Once you have the number plate call your insurance company and they will add it in their system.
  3. how much do they charge you at the rta,

    Is the price for the rego only, or also transfer and number plates and rego

    how much is this going to set me back?
  4. when is the greenslip dated from?
    The date the blueslip was issued? or the day you plan to rego the bike?

    cause the guy told me you get a month to rego the bike
  5. I think the month he was talking about was the blueslip (which only last for 30 days). RTA has a rego calculator on their website here:

    One thing to keep in mind is that you will need to get a letter from the previous owner stating his details (including previous registration details if they have them) and that you have purchased the bike. The RTA won't let you register it otherwise.

    When I got my greenslip, I just walked into my insurance companies branch and they printed out the greenslip for that day, then immediately went over to the RTA to get it registered so I would get the greenslip for the day you plan to register the bike (my blueslip was dated from the previous week).
  6. Rego costs about $100 + plate issue fee around $25

    Don't rely 100% on the blue slip as some sort of safety certificate - it is just a pink slip with checking of the engine/chassis numbers. And think they only last 28 days, but you'd get it done after purchase, which is subject to Blue Cert approval

    Greenslip dated from when you want it. They key in a receipt number (you'd need to have chassis number to give them) and RTA matches it up
  7. The guy Im buying it, got it from an auction, do I need his details or the auction he got it from?
    The blueslip is in my name, the bike is over 10 years old, the bike was insurance payout for previous owner, but it is not a written off wreck, has not been recorded as a write off
  8. I would have to assume it would be a letter from him, best bet would be to call the RTA though to confirm (it's really annoying when they send you away because you don't have the right paperwork).
  9. Just looked at RTA website nad it said that
    ll vehicles presented for registration (including interstate and imported vehicles) may need to be inspected by the RTA's Vehicle Identification and Inspection Unit (VIIU). There is an additional fee for this inspection. If your vehicle needs a VIIU inspection, you will be notified at the time of registration.

    Did you have to do this, or is that only for imported and interstate vehicles, this bike was regoed in nsw and is over 10 years old and is not expensive, would this be excluded from this?
  10. I'm not so sure about the NSW laws, but if he got it from an auction and it was a registrable write-off, won't it require a $300 or so inspection to be registered? I'm pretty sure that's the case in Qld. Keep in mind too that if he wants to sell it without a roadworthy there might be a reason, and you might have to spend more money to get it roadworthy than just the registration fees, e.g. something like replacing a brake disc or whatever.

    Bottom line - you'd need to be getting it probably $700-800 cheaper than a similar registered and roadworthy bike, IMO, to make it worth your while.
  11. No, I didn't have to do any additional inspections. My bike hadn't been registered for 4 years either so not sure what that is about. Do you have the details from the last time it was registered? If so, definitely take them with you, that may be what the VIIU inspection is about, i.e. trying to figure out the history of the bike. Can't say I'm sure about the written off aspects of registration though, again you may just have to get it all organised, head down to the RTA and cross your fingers.
  12. ...or, you know, find out first before laying your money down...
  13. 1. Got the bike with a blue slip
    2. Called up for green slip, went with aami, ended up going to Syd City Mtcyckes in Lane Cove to pick up a prinout + pay for the ctp
    3. Same day filled in rego form, with ctp and blue slip, took it to chatswood rta, they wouldnt process it, they didnt like the numbers on the blue slip
    4. Same day took it to Nth Sydney RTA, she asked me where the old plates were, i said i dont have em, she said you should have em, but processed it anyway, gave me the new plate and charged me $135 and i was good to go.
  14. Yeah, rta chatswood seems to have some bummer sitting at the counter.

    Tried to register a brand new bike there yesterday. Got it from a dealer in Vic, has compliance for Au use, was never registered before. And this rta boy is asking for a blue slip?
    I see they want a roadworthy for used vehicles but for new ones? Maybe they just do not come across private people registering new bikes, since dealers are usually taking care of that?
    Strange, see how things are going today ...

  15. Went yesterday to get the new rego plates

    the biatch at the desk was questioning the repairs to the bike, even though 1 she hasnt even seen the bike,
    2 I had a valid blue slip which the mechanic and AUVIS inspector signed as the inspected repairs are consistant with damage shown on the vehicle damage report or WOV140 form

    she then made me write an essay that the bike was repaired on a pink sheet of paper which a JP had to sign as a witness.

    That was my BS experience with the RTA, Dont think they teach them customer service skills
  16. Sorry to hear that u had so much trouble with the RTA, u were obviously dealing with some biatch that was on a power trip, Remember, the RTA and what it stands for, in particular, the last word,: AUTHORITY!.
    I deal with them everyday on the phone over Blue Slips, I have been writing Blue Slips since their inception in 1995 so I am normally right as I listen to some pms suffering dirtbag try & stick it into me, so I quote the textbook answer and where they can find their facts, it shuts them up!.
    If u or anyone else wants advice on registering motorcycles or cars in NSW, PM me and I will do my best to put u on the right track!.

    Tex & Bundy