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[NSW] Western Winter Ride to Tarana, Sun Jun 18th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, May 24, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Mickyb

    Ride to Tarana Hotel west of the blue mountains on the western plains. Netriders from out west will meet the sydney riders at the Hotel for lunch.

    Tentative route.
    1. Meet at Glenwood Caltex (next to Steakhouse restaurant) on Old Windsor Rd.
    2. He...

    ... more

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  2. Attendees going west !


    Attendees from the West

  3. Apparently it snowed at Katoomba, Blackheath and Oberon last night and this morning. :eek:

    Second day of winter and mother-nature has turned it out in the Blue Mountains.
  4. what the meeting time micky @ glenwood
  5. 8:30am.

    which usually translates to 9am, adding "stuffing around time" and getting the spanish inquisition questions from Gypsy why i'm late ! :LOL:

    okay ! so who is in ?
    Unfortunately haggis can't make it.

    Make sure its winter riding gear also.
    It snowed in Katoomba again on the weekend.
  6. You guys might want to stop in at SuzyQ's place on the way back and get some feeling in your hands and feet, she lives at Hazelbrook and has a log fire.

    Have fun and take pics of the bikes in the snow.

    Ahem...ladies nylon stockings make great thermals if you need emergency thermal pants.
    It's true, they sent thousands of pairs of stockings to British troops during the Falklands campaign.

    Remember...you wear them on the INSIDE of your pants!!!

    The knee length stockings also go great under socks.

    I don't think we need pics of you guys posing around in them however.
  7. Jaqhama,
    For you, I could make an exception and take a few pictures. I know you won't mind the dark hair sticking out all up and down the legs.....

  8. That is a really, realllllly scary thought, Gypsy (aka dogbreath) showing off his stocking incased legs. :shock: <horror> <cringe>
  9. YIKE! :shock:

    ....no more lunch hour net surfing for me again... never ever!
  10. ....you cut me deep, Shrek....
  11. I have a whipper snipper if you want to trim the body hair back a bit Gypsy?
  12. ...you just want a new fur seat cover for your Duke....
  13. Wouldn't it be prickly? sounds like somethign you see in the dungeon of torture
  14. ....do tell, Chrissie. Sounds like you know what you're talking about. Or should we call you Madam Chrissie from now on.....
  15. . . . the pattern leather belt on your riding jacket does have some significance then !

    Jaq wanted it. :grin:
  16. … and everyone thinks Haggis really hit a roo …

    :LOL: :p
  17. ...now I understand your sig..."Shut up and jump"....

    (walks off singing "tie me kangaroo down sport"....)
  18. Count me in. I will probably head back via Katoomba and stop in on the folks. Will definetely need the thermals then as I will be coming home through the mountains at about 11pm.
  19. Enjoy your chilly ride home.
  20. Out on the pushie today and the wind chill was pretty bad and you guys want to go to the other side of the mountains where the temperature is not meant to go above 7C :?

    I'll wait to I have to go to work on Monday too freeze my butt off. :)

    Instead I'll enjoy myself and head for Wiseman's :cool: