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[NSW] weRide to three ferries - Sun 6 JAN

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Supernego, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. Need new definition for late-call!!

    We do 3 river ferry crossings in the greater Sydney Metro area. Learners sightseeing ride at or below speed limits. Never above 80km.

    Leaving from McGraths Hill Maccas at 10am.
    1. Sackville Ferry
    --Break at Wisemans pub
    2. Wisemans Ferry
    --Break at Spencer
    --Lunch at Road Warriors
    3. Berowra Waters Ferry
    --Finish Mean Fiddler Rouse Hill

    Map: http://tinyurl.com/2m2hqx
    Weather : Shower or two – Partly cloudy.
  2. Hey Matey, if I'd known earlier I would def have come but have another ride on tomorrow :( :) :?

    Would love to come next time tho :grin:
  3. There's rides going on left right and centre tomorrow...let's hope the weather stays good and we all get some good riding in.

    Definately give you more notice next time Dee...we just decided this one leaving the Fiddler :)
  4. Hey guys, count me in......have another day pass.
  5. You're getting alot of day passes lately Kim :LOL:
  6. Weather looks better this morning

    BOM: Forecast for Sunday
    A cloudy morning with some drizzle, then the chance of an afternoon shower :)
  7. Hope you had a great ride guys, let me know how it went :p
  8. ..you finish a nice day out and hope to stop at the Fiddler for a drink, only to find out that all our parking spots were taken...



    and after they left, they didn't even clean their 'oil leak' :LOL:
  9. It was sprinkling when I left home, so on went the plastic pants (didn't want to get wet like yesterday) :grin: & off I went. By the time I got to McGraths the sun was peeking thru the cloud cover & it was starting to warm up.

    Tony, Jackie & I waited a while & since there were no more bods decided to head off on our own.

    The roads were clear considering how unpredicable the weather has been lately. Which was a nice surprise. First stop Wisemans pub, must remember to take the aerogard there next time....the bloody mozzies were annoying.

    Then onto Spencer for a five minute breather (note to self-don't park nose in on the gravel near the wharf). Thanks Tony for helping me back up :oops: Sorry Jackie, just realised you never did get that coffee you were desperate for :eek:

    By the time we got to Road Warriors for lunch the heat had set in & I felt like I was melting. Had a nice lunch in the shade, even the cat joined us. Relaxed, recharged the batteries & had a good old chat. Reflected on this idiot in a ute near Central Mangrove who took the corner way to fast & started to loose his rearend in Tony's direction....thankfully it all turned out ok.

    On our merry way to Berowra to cross the ferry & onto the Fiddler for a well derserved drink & rest before heading our seperate ways.

    Thanks for yet another great day out Tony & Jackie.

    The 3 Musketeers Ride Again !!!!!!

    Til next time.
  10. Another great day of riding but I knew it would be...love the ferry runs and top company as always...the three musketeers TWICE in one week!!!!

    Idiot in blue ute nearly lost it around corner with Tony in first line of fire, followed by me (estimating the angle at which a rolled ute would hit the road although I was tempted to target fixate on his number plate :evil: ) and Kim dropping down gears in anticipation.

    Got to ride the opposite way today, usually start at Road Warriors and end at Windsor. Really love this circuit, so relaxing, scenic and plenty of twisties. Can't wait to do it again soon.

    Thanks again Kim for ignoring your lingering flu and making it today.
  11. Would love to tag along next time. Still haven't been past Wisemans on the bike as yet.

  12. :LOL: Sure it wasn't coolant?
  13. Good to see you had a great ride, Sorry I didn't make it out. I was planning too. But I didn't get out of bed until after 11am and it was way to late to catch up. So it was some R&R today for me, my poor body was killing me.

    I hope to join you next time.

    Cheers Lou
  14. Well, as you can see here...
    the colour of the specimen would suggest something thicker than coolant.. Maybe i should have done what Tex showed us at Spanner day and felt the texture for any metallic particles.. :shock:

    You are welcome Colin, sorry for the late notice....

    And here is a small video of the day.. So small (30Sec) that i had to add a cartoon at the end to make it worth it :grin:

    Kim and Ms, thanks again for your lovely company :grin:
    "One pie for all, and all for one pie" (or was it salad sandwich?)