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[NSW] weRide to Singleton TUE 1 Jan.

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by Supernego, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. Celebrating 2008 with a ride to Singleton and back via Putty
    TUE 1 January 2008.

    350km + 5 hours riding + 3 hours chilling
    Class 3: Intermediate

    We do not care about double demerits and we welcome all the police with their radars, as we will be riding with our speed restrictions on.
    There are long 100km/h sections, so I wouldn’t do it if I had my L or P plates

    We’ll arrive at 9:30@ McDonalds Mt Colah Cnr Pacific Hwy & Lady Street
    We’ll leave at 10am SHARP

    Suggested / intented route and breaks:
    000 KM - McDonalds Mt Colah Cnr Pacific Hwy & Lady Street
    030 KM - Breather@Road Warriors (30min ride+ 05min stop)
    060 KM - 1st Breakfast : Kulnura (30min ride+ 30min stop)
    100 KM - Breather@Wollombi (30min ride+ 05min stop)
    135 KM - Breather@Broke (30min ride+ 05min stop)
    170 KM - 2nd Lunch : Singleton (20min ride+ 60min stop)
    230 KM - Refreshments@Halfway Road House (50min ride+ 30min stop)
    300 KM - Breather@Colo Heights (60 min ride+ 05min stop)
    350 KM - END 6pm Mean Fiddler, Windsor Rd, Rouse Hill (50min ride)

    Here is a map of the ride
    And here is the starting point. Add your home address in that map to find your way there.. ( Just 2km after the Asquith train station)

    Ms Supernego
    Kim Rogers

    Feel free to follow... Happy New Year :dance:
  2. Didn't see this Tony, I ended up going in the opposite direction, Nasho, Robertson, Picton and home. Hope it was a good ride.
  3. it was posted a bit late...

    I was out getting more alcohol for the alcohol stream... still seam to have some blood in it...
  4. What a great ride!!!! Long...but with all the breaks we had along the way, it felt totally comfortable.

    Thanks to my buffers, Kim and Tony. Kept all those horrible 4WD's at bay.

    Breathalised for the first time on the bike, didn't have to take my helmet off thank god...and we ran into the cops again when they waved us past a massive helicopter parked in the middle of the road near Colo...rather indulgent place to land I thought considering all the open fields around :shock:

    Kim, it was fantastic to ride with you today. Hope we can do it again soon. Until then, see you at spanner day!!!! Woo hoo :grin:
  5. Happy snaps:Road Warriors


  6. What a great day !!!!!!!! BIG thanks Tony & Jackie.
    Was great to finally get to ride with you Jackie & we will definately have to do it again.

    Couldn't think of a better way to spend the first day of the year.

    The only other boys in blue we saw were in Singleton itself....think they were driving around collecting the left over drunks from last night :LOL: :p :LOL:

    Big day for me 426kms in total but as Jackie said was comfortable with the breaks.

    First big day on the Vixen & I must say I am suitably impressed & can't wait for my skills to improve to do her capabilities justice.

    A very desserted Road Warriors


    See you guys at spanner day \:D/
  7. ahhh bugger, wish i saw this!!!! i ended up going to lithgow via bells line as i hadnt done it yet . was a good day out and i only saw one coper booking some guy just after the zig zag railway