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[NSW] Went to the Motorcycle show today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tim650, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. As topic reads i went today, been waiting 3 months for this show.

    It was OKAY, not great, i got to see the bikes im considering between the new R1, GSXR1000, CBR maybe?

    It was quiet, not crowded which is good, and what mostly disappointed me the most was the lack of models, only 2 girls per Brand, and 1 for Harley Davidson. It was a Sausage Fest and a half.

    But all the manufacturers had most/if not all there models on display, Suzuki only had the GSXR1000 in the blue and white, wish they had the other colours, Yamaha's R1 had black, blue, and white with red frame which would be my choice.

    Quite a bit of custom bikes/choppers also, and cheap bargains from Action Motorcycles in seperate little hall, Helmets from $100 for Nitro brands, and gloves for $30, full one piece race suits for like $450 or $1200 for nice Dainese/Alpinestars. (Wish i took a wad of cash with me)

    There was also the $185,000 MV Augusta F4 CC :eek:
    Pics are crap from phone, i forgot my camera :(

    It was a treat to see some GP bikes, drool worthy thats for sure.
  2. sydney motorcycle show parking

    i visited the show website with the intention of going to the show BUT the clowns that organised this event state on the website that there is only LIMITED motorcycle parking !!!... what numbskulls decided that there would only be a few bikes visiting the show.

    well done guys its put me off going cos i am not forking out a fortune to park a bike
  3. its only 5 bucks ... get there early wouldnt hurt. and can spend the afternoon out n about =]
  4. You blokes need to get some shots of Vic and Jason. No Camera required.
  5. Just got back from there.
    Wasnt bad, watching the stunt riders was pretty cool.
    Got a pair of A* sp1 gloves for $60, Im happy.
  6. luke on the white triumph and matt on the yellow honda? did you enjoy their show?
  7. Re: sydney motorcycle show parking

    Limited is not the word for the parking outside, there was seriously more bikes outside then inside, there was a tonne of parking when i went about 1pm-ish.

    Also Tex and Bundy were there with the Busa, that bike is nice, and Bundy(dog) was casually laying on the bike it looked fake until you see it moves. Funny stuff, awesome dog, apparently the fastest dog in the world at 280Km/h, according to the facts. Crazy, this dog would be loving it :)

    One of those stunt riders doing freestyle, i was watching him and he was laughing out loud everytime he was in the air off the jump, we were like Why the Fcuk is he laughing, he was crazy but.
  8. Re: sydney motorcycle show parking

    It's limited alright, to about 6-800 places all up.

    Of course, if you don't want to pay for parking, there is motorcycle parking in P1, unpaid...
  9. Went yesterday also, heaps of parking available.
    Here's some pics:





  10. I went in the afternoon on Friday, and while it was good, I went away with the feeling that no matter which show you go to, be it the motorcycle show, motor show, caravanning and camping show, outdoors show, travel shoe etc etc, they are always basically the same every year, and it leaves me with the feeling that I probably won't bother going the next year because it will just be more of the same.
  11. I'm in Melbourne, so I'm consoled by those who didn't think it was worth going to.

    Thanks for the pics guys! I almost felt like I was there - almost!
  12. Your pics are much nicer JP.
  13. Any mens' black latex suits going cheap Tim? :LOL:
  14. #14 tim650, Nov 22, 2008
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    Hahaha, sadly there was tight leathers and chaps :LOL:

    Here's a vid of K9 1000,


    and KTM RC8 which looks awesome, sorta like an alien.

  15. Our illustrious leaders hard at work

  16. I went this afternoon.

    Within 5 mins of entering the hall, I noticed Netrider stand which I somehow totally missed last year :shock:

    Anyhow, thanks to a recent thread, I had no trouble recognising Paul (hello!) and yes, the leaders themselves as well(Hi Jason and Vic!). I also met Nickt (hello!)

    As for the show itself, I do have to agree that there were more of the same but being by myself roaming around this year, I took more time to enjoy the bikes and less chit-chat;-) I did 'mount' a CB400 while there so that was cool too.

    I think it might be ok to go every other year, hoping that they would make enough changes to the bikes to make it worthwhile.

  17. Went for the first today time and it was good to be able to see a variety of bikes and sit on them to get a feel for them. For me personally Suzuki have more bikes than ony other brand that I could happily own - from what was at the show anyway.
  18. Stopped in today with my dad (just got his Blackbird from customs after importing it from the UK so took it for a spin). Brief stop at the Netrider stand (thanks for the rego frame! Hope you got the laptop running) and wandered around, taking pictures whenever I remembered I had a camera with me.

    Not many, but they're Here

    The DN-01 is simply awesome in the flesh :wink:

    Big hands up for the RideRightRound guys and their Prostate cancer trip, any support these guys can get would be excellent.

    And those MVs.... :eek: :grin:
  19. Lots of Netrider info spread around today; we'll probably run out of the properly printed fliers in the first hour of tomorrow morning, but we've had 400 more done on the Hotel copier, so that'll be fine. Heaps of cards distributed, lots of interest from people who don't know anything about the site, and a steady stream of Netrider well-wishers.

    Rock up tomorrow and brighten our dreary day. Bike parking is only $5 and just outside the main door.....
  20. Went today, first time I've been! Met Marc (hi!) and Vic, Jason and Hornet600! good to put faces to names :)

    Hornet, myself and Vic:

    Jason workin' hard:

    Stealthassassin trying out his new bike: