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[NSW] Weekly Saturday morning RNP ride

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by chrome, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Hi peeps,

    I do a relaxed ride every Saturday morning through the Royal National Park. Any other riders that wish to join me are welcome to do so. I find it a really nice and easy ride and a lot of fun.

    Meeting place - Gather at 8:15am (click to see google map location)


    This is just inside the Royal National Park. Enter the park from the Princes Highway, go past the entry booth (which will be closed) and there will be a turn to the left not long after that. Turn right andf ollow the loop around, I'll be halfway around it if I'm there on time. If not, just wait til around 8:30am.

    I'll try to be there around 8:15am, and expect to leave at 8:30am sharp.

    Route - Leave at 8:30am (click to see the route)


    This is a pretty easy road to ride on, mostly very good surface. There are many other road users even early on a Saturday, so just be mindful.

    Arrive at cafe around 9:10am


    One finish point is a cafe in Stanwell Park that serves a nice coffee and a selection of breakfasts. Very tasty. Seems popular so the aim is to hit it at 9am which is the time it opens.

    There are some other places in the area which are good, too, like the pie shop. Up to the group on the morning where people want to go :)

    Return - 10:30am

    Once finished eating/drinking coffee, we ride the same route back. We should get back to the Princes Highway by about 10:30 am at the latest, giving about 45m for breakfast.


    If any experienced riders wish to join us, you're welcome to. I'd especially appreciate at least one experienced rider coming along to ride at the back and help anyone having trouble with their bike etc. If not we'll just make do.

    All of the roads are from 60km/h to 80km/h. Police presence is high, so stick to the speed limits.

    Make sure you have a full tank and your bike is ok to ride.

    I do this ride every Saturday, whether or not anyone else comes. Please post the day before if you're coming. If you're not coming or you're not sure, don't post. Post only if you're 100% sure that you'll be coming - that way I know if I need to wait for anyone or not.

  2. Oh yeah this sounds great!! But I'll give this Saturday a miss due not wanting to embarress myself ha ha

    But definately I'll be in it, on another Saturday soon :)

    I think a group learner/prov ride is a fantastic idea Chrome, thanks so much for organising it ;)
  3. Lol 7.45am meet in this cold weather? Any chance of making it a tad later. I'd be definately in. But riding that early from wollongong without heated grips is not a thought I look forward. Yeah I know, I'm having a whinge whinge whinge lol, I'm just asking.
  4. Its actually a little easier when you don't have to watch out for homicidal utes and taxis, and can focus on the road. I was in my first netrider ride a week after getting my Ls :D

    Get warmer gloves :p The reason for it being early, is to make it a nice fun saturday morning thing, and have people home by lunch. And to miss out on the traffic somewhat. Its not that cold anyway; no heated handgrips for me anymore, but I managed it :)
  5. I highly recommend not taking a bunch of learners through the park on a Saturday morning.
  6. Why?

    I did it last weekend, no problems at all.

    Some cars came racing up over the speed limit, I'd find a place that was safe to pull over and do so, letting them go past.

    Anyway, it doesn't look like there is much interest - I'll be going by myself.
  7. Learners tend to get excited in groups and this road's not forgiving of that. Historically, it has been a complete cluster fcuk. If just a handful of you go, you might have a good run.
  8. Working saturday and I prolly dont have enough experience to take on the natio just yet, but i'd be up for future events in and around the shire to meet you guys :D

  9. Is this still happening for tomorrow? Anyone going?
  10. I'll be going, even if it's by myself. I need to rack up K's for the first service :)

    Anyone is welcome to join me, I'll wait at the meeting point above til 8am then will be zooming.
  11. A nice ride through the RNP this morning. Hardly any traffic before 9am, and the ride back was only a little busier with most people coming the other way. Not too cold, I didn't even need my warm liners.

    Will be doing this next Saturday if anyone is interested in joining me. :)
  12. Hey Chrome,

    I'm glad you had an enjoyable ride this morning :)

    I am just wondering, do you think my cbr125 would be ok doing that run? I am just thinking about the up hill climb parts and if it would be too much of an incline for the bike/me to do the hills with a small powered bike?
  13. Your bike will be fine on any road ,just make sure your in the right gear and away you go. :cool:

    But reading your first ride post I'd give the nasho a miss just for the time being as ,its not a place I even like to ride in winter ,the roads are covered in moss and its tricky in spots if your not confident.
    You could be ok with someone that knows the road like the back on their hand and can warn you of up coming sharp corners or road works {had dirt all over the road 4 weeks ago}.
    The nasho is not a hard road to ride ,its just got to be respected.
  14. Thanks Sleddog!

    Yes I wasn't planning on doing that road, or any others like it until I got more experience, cause those tight uphill and downhill corners concern me, so I'll wait till I'm more experienced, but it's good to know that when I am ready to try it, it's good to know my little bike could handle it ok :)

    Oh, just one more little question (I ask too many I know) But when you guys refer to twisties... Do you's just mean corners?
  15. Yes, Dakotabre, twisties are curves in the road. Your bike will be fine in the Nasho. I'd been riding about four weeks when I first did the Nasho - by myself too. Didn't have any problems as I rode at a gentle pace. When you feel ready, just take it real slow. No law against that.

    Chrome, this defintely sounds good but might have a commitment next Saturday - will try to get out of it though.
  16. Road condition - its very good now. Some bumps here and there, but lots have been resurfaced. No dirt anywhere, no moss that I could see, just have to drive carefully in the shade where the road might be a bit but if you are doing the posted speed limits and pay attention to the signage you'll be absolutely fine.

    All corners are posted, if you're not sure, you slow down and take the safest line through the corners (you know, what they taught you in the prelearners course) and you're fine. Sure, if you start riding like an idiot, you're going to get into trouble, but that applies to any road, not just the RNP.

    Like pug says, you take it slow and easy. Don't need to try to go around the corners as fast as you can. There are often cyclists just around a bend anyway, so you don't want to be going particularly quick on some of these corners as you'll pop around the corner and there will be a bloke resting his hands sitting up on his bike doing 20km/h downhill :)
  17. If this is happening this coming weekend, do you mind if I come along? I'm not exactly an 'experienced' rider, nor am I a learner or provisional- but i have been riding every day for 2 years now, and I'm on my fulls but I'm still on a vtr250

    It sounds fun :D
  18. Yep, will be doing this again this Saturday, and anyone is welcome. :)
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  20. You're supposed to be helping me move house speedy... :rofl:

    I hear what The Yak is saying on the previous page...

    The RNP is a great ride... but you have to treat it with respect... I assume the reason he suggests it be avoided as a learner group ride isn't so much the road, but the inexperience of the riders riding as a group... riders using other riders to decide what speed to take a corner, and not wanting to slow down for fear of loosing the group...

    As stated by the OP, you can ride for 45 minutes, for the most part focusing on nothing but riding... keep an eye on your mirror, because most of the bikes behind will be traveling at significantly higher than the speed limit and you... don't try to keep out of their way by going faster, you never will, preferably just move to the left of your lane, flick your right foot to let them know that you are ready for them to overtake... they will be past you in a blink of an eye...

    Ride a lot slower than you think you need to so you don't get caught out by the couple of corners with false apexes (where half way around the corner gets tighter than it looks when you enter) and it is a glorious ride... I rode it constantly when I first got my L's so I could learn to ride without dealing with traffic...

    Note that there is an average of one serious bike crash per fortnight in the RNP... it is probably more like 1 a month for 9 months of the year and then 4 each weekend in summer... I believe that almost every single one of them did not involve another vehicle... they are all motorcyclists not making it around a corner...

    As The Yak said, it needs to be respected as your confidence builds, and don't do it in a group unless you are able to make your own good decisions... but at least you can focus on building roadcraft rather than traffic skills...

    Both Dan above and I usually choose not to ride Northbound through the park (at least not further than the Waterfall exit) in the afternoon... there is usually too much traffic to make it enjoyable, and the sun/shadows make it even more difficult...