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[NSW] Watsons Bay Lunch, Sun Jul 23rd

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Jaqhama

    Here ye, here ye...
    A ride to Watsons Bay for lunch, followed by a Jaqhama escorted tour around every eastern suburbs beach, along little known back roads.
    Eventually to end up at La perouse for afternoon tea.
    Meet opposite Action Motorcycles: At 10...

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  2. sounds interesting, i'd be in for this.

    Promise us though that we ride along the route Ethan Hawke takes on his Monster in MI-2! :LOL:
  3. Hmm, let's see, will the Hornet be fixed in less than two weeks???

    I DOUBT IT :cry:

    One of the more innovative ideas for a ride, jaq, well thought out and deserves support......
  4. i would be in but i cant seem to hold onto a bike i get , they always end up selling on me..
  5. Sounds like a nice day out. Count me as a tentative yes (pending approval from SWMBO)...
  6. If I'm in Sydney and I'm not working, I'm there. Sounds great.

    Oooo lucky me, RTAs are open on a Saturday, therefore if I pass my P-test on Friday I will have a shiny new plate for Sunday!
  7. Make sure you get there well before 12 though Lemming boy, there's usually queues up the yin-yang in the RTA on Saturdays...
  8. True. Maybe, depending on the time the testing finishes, I should try to get to an RTA around Parramatta before 5pm. Worth a shot I reckon.
  9. Not a problem mate.
    I've ridden a bike across the wooden bridge to the La Perouse Fort myself.

    I think I should tell you that in the movie the bike chase started at La Per...and a minute later was somewhere up on roads near the Hawksebury River.
    I don't have a worm hole in my pocket, so that part of the ride might be out I'm afraid.
    (Anyone with a worm hole feel free to bring it along for Micky.) :LOL:

    But we should get some great photos on this ride, so if someone has a camera a little more advanced than a mobile phone???

    Cheers: Jaq.
  10. If I make it Jaq, I'll bring my 9 megapixel monster. Hopefully my GF will be able to take piccies while pillioning, so we should be able to get some great shots.

    Oh, and Mick, it's Hunt. Ethan Hunt.

    Ethan Hawke was in Reality Bites...
  11. Sounds good ,i might cage it and bring the boss.
  12. Just be aware that there will be a lot of turns and twists on the roads I will be taking. It probably won't be enjoyable for someone in a car.
    The steering wheel will get a good workout. As will the gearbox.

    Just thought I should warn you in advance mate.
  13. LMAO , I think i will pass on the ride ,as i have seen all the beachs before ,mmmm yep sand and water.
    if i ride i will ride ,so to speak ,LOL.
  14. just to clarify.. is Action Motorcycles the one in Parramatta?

    Any chance of a second meeting place somewhere on the way to the city?
  15. There are two Actions mate, one at Para and the other in Sydney CBD.

    Meet opposite Action Motorcycles: At 10.30am for an 11am departure.
    74 Wentworth Avenue
    Between Oxford Street and Central Station
  16. We may get to La Per in time to catch the last of the days Live Snake exhibition show.
    It's interesting.

    If not there are plenty of other things to look at.
  17. LOL, oh well close enough !
    I do reckon he was riding a Cagiva Mito in those action scenes !
    The tyres looked too narrow ! :eek:
  18. If you looked closely in one scene the bikes have road tires, in the next knobby tires, damn and I thought I could change a tire quickly?
  19. ooops, me wrong.

    I was thinking of this Ducati


    But actually, Ethan was riding a Speed Triple ! :eek:



    LOL, thats what it would look like if Sled takes the Jeep ! :LOL:
  20. I thought they stopped running the Snake Show in Le Perouse?