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[NSW] War on fun in my own back yard

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. MY local council, Shellharbour council, has apparently erected signs in a large reserve near here, BANNING children flying kites :shock: :roll:.

    This is a huge tract of land, with hundreds of children and families living around it.


    To his credit, the local Mayor, David Hamilton, who only yesterday 'found out' about the ban (although there are already signs informing of the ban), has said that he will review the ban and that there will have to be 'a very good reason' for it to stay in place.

    Typically, however, his brain-dead, politically-correct, do-gooding, meddling, female deputy had this to say, "kite flying could be a dangerous activity. Children's safety is the No. 1 priority."

    All those years my brother and I made home-made kites and flew them on the oval at Speers Point and we never realised we were exposing ourselves to danger :roll:.


  2. i've been watching a tv series called "spooks" at the moment, and there is a particularly nice quote from a mother in it:

    "with the state of the world as it is, perhaps we are selfish and stupid to bring a child into it"
  3. :? :eek: :shock: You're kidding??

    What a load of bullsh!t. People like her need to be smacked upside the head and shown some common sense. Burnie council tried banning ball games of all things on one of their reserves. It's ridiculous.
  4. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
  5. :-k
  6. :LOL: at least someone has a sense of humour.

    Hornet, there IS a big difference between little kites homemade out of 2 sticks, an old chopped up pillowcase + some string and the stealth-fighter replicas you can outlay hundreds of dollars for.

    The pro ones should definitely stay away from crowded beaches, for example.
    I think the laws were to allow the flying of large, fast, pointy kites to be restricted - not necessarily little box ones.

    But as per usual a 'zero tolerance' policy [no matter how inane] is forced upon us "for [our] safety".

    I don't know how the hell some of you people can be happy for ANY additional or new law/restriction for anything and trust the government not to use it to intrude on common sense, community standards and reasonable individual freedoms. I really don't :shock:
  7. How good is this govt!!
    They seem to want to stop us doing anything fun at all, i mean flying a kite was great, we used to make kites at school to fly them. Damn we even made boomarangs, they were at hell of a lot more dangerous.

    What next? Ban push bikes from parks?
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  9. All the more resaon to ban local councils altogether.
    I like Brisbane's system of one council for the whole city rather than local councils with little power mongers eager to push their puny agendas.
  10. Which is why I shall not be having kids :)
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  12. hahahaha, this thread reminds me of my brother when he was a little tacker......
    My stepdad made him a kite, they went upto the oval at the end of our street a flew it, my stepdad got bored but my bro wanted to continue flying the kite, so my stepdad said ok, I'll be back for you in 2 hours.
    We could see the kite flying high from our kitchen window, mum thought it was great my little bro had found a new hobby.
    When my stepdad went to collect my bro, all he found was the kite, tied to the fence, still flying high :LOL:
  13. How Moronic , in this day and age when we as parents are trying to get our kids back outside and away from the front of a computer or xbox etc . Just goes to prove you cant put brains into statues :wink:
  14. Yes, I remember quite a few of my generation saying that twenty years ago too :grin: .

    Two words:

    Biological clock.
  15. Famous last words. :p
  16. Yay for another example of the powers that be wanting parents to wrap their kids in cotton wool.

    Then they cry "Kids are obese".

    FFS this pisses me off.
  17. exceptionally good point!
  18. I think Chris makes a fair point about the modern, commercial combat-type kite, which are fast and manoeuvrable, and may veer into someone if out of control of the flyer. But it's also just another, "Let's envisage the worst-case scenario and then legislate against the whole pursuit", effort, in my books. I'm sure more injuries have been caused among people playing cricket, or some other sport, than flying a kite.....
  19. Lets get them on the bloody drugs instead. Kites... indeed.
  20. Obviously that local council hasn't heard of a person's [relatively] inalienable right to 'experience' things in life, and 'the freedom to take calculated risks'.. hundreds of people are killed in car, motorcycle and bicycle accidents each year.. and they haven't banned that!

    Money talks, bull#@$& walks..