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[NSW] ---> [WA] P plate

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by macason, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. I'm sure I can get this info from WA/NSW respective authorities but I doesnt hurt to get a post out there for future people...

    Here is my issue, Ive decided that moving to WA might be a good idea, now being on my P plate with my LAMS bike (ER6nL) i find myself in uncharted territory..

    If I move and change to a WA license I fairly certain I will not be able to ride my LAMS bike, but If I move don't change my license can I ride my ER6 in Perth i think and Ill just be on an extended holiday ;) , assuming I stay with my NSW license till my P period is up then duck to Sydney (which I will have to do for work) upgrade my license then get it changed ???

    Obviously the MRS on her L will have to redo it, not ride over there, or do her P's before leaving ...

    Any thoughts ???
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  3. How long 'til your Ps expire? There is a legal requirement to transfer your licence within a certain time limit. Can't remember what it is though. Could be one month, could be three.

    You could just suck it up and buy a 250 for the duration. Get a decent one cheap in your LAMS state and you'll be able to unload it here for a hefty profit when you're finished with it.
  4. In theory there is a limited amount of time.

    When I moved from WA to VIC, I drove on a WA license for 2 years (aged 19-21) as I didn't want to go back on Ps.
  5. Already have a 250 for the MRS, I think its 3 months although it was 13 odd years ago I came to Sydney ..... I think I lasted around 1 and a half years before changing to NSW license.... truth be told WA is gonna be a bitta suck it and see so I wouldnt change immediately as I could well be back in NSW sooner or later ..... my biggest issue was ... whilst in WA the MRS and I will want to ride .... she will have to get P's in NSW and already rides a 250 so no real issue ..... my 650 though ... sorta means I dont want to change ... assuming I can get away with it ... Ill stick with my NSW lic. for a short while then change over as per the original post.
  6. You could apply for a power exemption on the basis you are moving. WA should be reasonable on something like that.

    Not unless there have been major changes in Licensing or the Office of Road Safety since I left the Public Service.

    Doesn't hurt to ask, though, I s'pose.
  8. Hahaha you think that they'll be reasonable? oh you so naive :p
  9. If you don't actually change your address details with anyone, just have stuff forwarded, you can claim you are over there for a limited time for work and are not going to change licence/rego. Should be OK if you are pulled over. Its legal to have the bike registered in a different state if you claim it is 'normally garaged' there and are just riding it in WA for a while. More believable in states that are closer together, but you could do it for a while.