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NSW: Viewing Penalty Photos

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by siwanut, May 22, 2008.

  1. I am currently in NSW and wanting to view the pictures *at my will if i get sent the letter*

    where can i check them at? without having to pay 11 bucks for them to be sent to me.

  2. On the date for the hearing of your case before a magistrate when you elect to have the matter heard.
    The Police will undoubtedly introduce the pic.

    Short of that, pay up and get the pics
  3. so me trying to interpret into english as i am not good with understanding legal words bcoz i get scared and go blank head.

    "before the court day *if i chose to take it to court*"

    The police officer will show me the picture. wen he send me the fine?

    or he will show it to me on court day if i chosen to go.

    but what if i didnt go through the light but my bike hit the line and cause the camera to flash?

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    P.s Thanks tweet
  4. It's actually immediately after the matter is listed before the courts.
    At that time the other side MUST disclose all the evidence they intend to rely on, or someone like me would have them on toast!
    (Police prosecutors taste nice with garlic....) :p
    The process is called "discovery".
    I might add the plod does on (many) occasions "forget" to hand over evidence. The normal process is the defence (if he or she is smart) asks for it.
    Now, having corrected tweets temporary memory lapse, don't let it get that far!
    Pay the $$!
  5. Sounds like a red-light camera...

    Tramp's probably right anyway - what's the fine? and what's the amount of cash you lose by taking a day off-work to fight it?

    Our traffic penalty system is based on economics, not fairness... not even evidence.
  6. Thanks for reminding me, I can't remeber how many times we would hold on to a brief until the date of hearing.

  7. Yep it's a red light camera, and not worried on the money i loose on the day. i have not received the fine as it only happened last sunday.

    So plan i should take is :

    order for the photograph eventho i have not received the fined letter?
  8. Ahh no.

    Wait for the fine.

    A) If it never comes: no worries! Hooray! :grin:

    8) They would request reference numbers etc, to track down the photograph which won't exist until they issue a fine. So you have to wait for it, then ask for the relevant photos.

  9. Thank you heaps EVERYONE

    i'll keep this Post as a reference please MOD dont delete this.
  10. you might as well pay for the picture, if nothing else it will look good on the wall. I have a few of them up now. Also very handy to find out exactly where the speed cameras are in the tunnels :)