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[nsw/vic] mexicans behaving badly

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mr magoo, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. Taken from NSW police site

    Motorcyclists caught travelling at more than double the speed limit – Bega
    Monday, 24 Mar 2008 05:29am

    Two motorcyclists have been had their drivers licence suspended after they were allegedly clocked travelling at double the speed limit in Bega yesterday.

    About 12.45pm yesterday (Sunday 23 March), Bega Highway Patrol officers were travelling south on the Princes Highway at Kiah when they noticed two motorbikes travelling towards them.

    The motorcycles were checked by radar allegedly travelling in excess of 200kmh in the sign-posted 100kmh zone.

    The Victorian-registered riders were stopped by police and issued with notices to appear in court for the offences of exceeding the speed limit by more than 45kmh and speed dangerous.

    Both were also issued a notice of suspension of authority to drive in New South Wales.

    righto, well done guys, but why bother stopping,especially on a DD weekend :?
    my question is ,how does this affect your vic licence ,if you loss it here,will you loss it there
  2. They were on the prowl yesterday. They drove past home rather slowly just after we had put our bikes away :shock: and we had been up in the snowies for the day.
    650k's and didn't see one highway patrol until we had packed up :grin: :grin:
  3. god-damn wetbacks
  4. They were asking for it. 200kph on the Princes hwy on Easter long wknd.
  5. Kiah isn't exactly 'in Bega' :roll:...... Still, it's a favourite spot, there's a nice rest stop where the boys can sit down while they wait for those wicked Mexicans to come howling past, and plenty of room to pull them over if they obey instructions and stop :LOL:.
  6. thanks mods for moving and not deleting, me bad :oops:
  7. Given the media attention then yes, it would effect their Vic licenses also.
  8. :cool:

    pauls right, kiah may as well BE victoria :rofl: and that old servo has almost always got a HWP there. silly mexicans :LOL:
  9. Kiah is here. They were about 20kms from the nearest township, and ~70kms south of Bega.

    They were clearly being dangerous to teeming crowds of public. :roll: More than likely the only people on the road there were the police themselves.

    Let the frothing at the mouth begin.

    Speaking of which - some of the reader comments on a hoon driving charge that occurred in Victoria were bloody scary. The moral righteous are all too ready to hang, draw, and quarter anyone for even the smallest indiscretions.

    The reign of hysteria is on the rise.
  10. stew, this time of year, that portion of highway pumps with tourists. also many campers at yowaka, boyd town etc.
    there would have been an audience, for sure.
  11. My understanding is that they'd be banned from driving/riding in NSW. They will then notify Vicroads which will suspend or cancel their licences based on the equivalent Victorian laws that they breached in NSW.

    Double demerit points aren't an issue. Vicroads will levy the appropriate points according to what they would cop here in Vic.

    We don't have DD weekends.

    These guys' immediate problem would be getting their bikes back into Victoria so they can ride home. But then the police may be waiting for them over the boarder and may be able to confiscate their bikes under the hoon laws. Unless NSW police did that already.

    You gotta wonder though, what these guys were thinking. Speeding on the Princes Highway anywhere is asking for trouble, let alone doing it on a holiday weekend. For that reason alone I don't ride anywhere on long weekends. I prefer to work, actually as it means more cash for those midweek getaways when there isn't as much police or other traffic.
  12. Joel knows that I know that spot well, because I got pinged myself under the same circumstances coming back from the Netrider BBQ in '06. It's a perfect spot for the police to hang out, and the guy who got me, a motorcycle cop, knew very well that I had been doing a lot more than the <15kms over that he booked me for, too. On an Easter long weekend, either don't ride if you can't control yourself, or stay on the limit, really :roll:.

    That said, I had a most enjoyable tootle to Newcastle via Windsor and the Putty Road and back yesterday, and the only Police I saw were in Wollongong, operating an RBT Operation, a few kays from home, on the way back.

  13. Or, save the going fast for the really twisty roads, where there's nowhere for the Empire to set up the hairdryers, and even if they can, there's not enough line of sight for them to use one properly! :twisted:
    I had a most excellent run up the Clyde yesterday, drivers in vehicles moving left where there was a double centre line, allowing me past legally, bless them! Some por bunny in a 5 series had amoment chasing me and decided to slow down! :rofl: Apparently buying abadge DOESN'T make you a good driver, who knew!
    The GTR sounds sublime between 5-10k rpm.
    Anyway, I saw two RBT's on teh wy back, one in Bateman's Bay (got pulled over, first time RBT on a bike) and one in Braidwood (two bike officers, both nodded back to me).

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. i spotted you andrew, though it was a less than enthusiastic motionless wave in my brainfried hungover (passenger) state :beer:
    bet you are glad you arent here today, acco at mogo (mad mile) the traffic is backed up to waldrons swamp -> south, and benandarah -> north.
    scanner is going off its tits!
  15. Heh, where did you spot me? I dodn't notice a wave, I was either looking in a narrow field of view straight ahead, trying to get my technique sorted back out (after commuting for too long) or trying to regain composure after a bad line or three! (that's bad RIDING line):LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. in vic i got done doing doughies in a qld regged car, not impounded

    these guys from vic doing over the 45kph in nsw didn't get their bikes impounded

    so, has any interstaters had a vehicle impounded?

    next time go up the newell highway if you speed, there's hardly ever any cops, been great the last 5 times for me :p
  17. I always make it a habit to swing via the Bega police station and see wether both HWP cars are garaged or not before deciding on my speed heading back to Canberra (well to the top of Brown anyway) Wonder which HWP officer it was?

    Had a nice chat to one of the HWP cops on friday, and not a booking chat either. We spoke about the high speed floaty feeling you get in the VE SS commodores, at which I agreed.

    btw speeds that you get that feeling are up towards what the bikes were pinged at.
  18. i spent easter riding through that area, and not one police car.....well that i saw anyway...probably just as well :grin:
  19. heard on the news this morning something about giving the power to nsw police to chase up interstate offenders,but i'm pretty sure someone will correct me if i'm wrong, that in nsw the focus is on demerit points more so than the fine, were in vic this is the opposite, so even though the offence was in nsw,what effect if any would this have on there vic licence.
  20. As I explained earlier, NSW RTA will register the offence and it will then share that info with Victoria's Vicroads and probably other states' authorities. Vicroads will then levy the requisite number of points against the offender's licence based on the same offence if it had occured here in Victoria.

    NSW, in this case, cannot cancel an interstate licence. Only the issuing authority can do that. What it can do and what the police did in this case, was to suspend the riders' authority to ride in NSW.

    Their biggest and immediate problem would have been getting the bikes back to Victoria so they could ride home. Their next biggest problem would be receiving the demerit points a short time later when the data matching and exchange occurs and they lose their licences for 12 months or more, or whatever the equivalent fine and other penalties for doing more than 45km/h or whatever, over the posted limit.