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[NSW] [Vic] etc LAMS

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. I was chatting with veteran road-racer Steven Ashkenazi up at the Robbo Pie Shop an hour or so ago. He was there with a couple of his old mates, and he was riding his wife's new Honda 400 Four.

    Now Steve's has ridden the odd bike or two, from before the first Six-Hour (in which he competed) to the present day, and he knows his bikes. I asked him what he thought of its LAMS status. He laughed loud and long.

    I gather he was suggesting that somehow, Honda are fudging the figures because the bike is restricted, but it sure doesn't ride like it is :LOL:.

  2. ssshhhh :wink:
  3. +1

    I'm looking at getting one. Don't blow it for me. :)
  4. Hey Paul, could you please ride a CB400 it would be great to see how it compares to the 600 Hornet. I have a funny feeling that it might give it a run for it's money!
  5. I had that thought myself, but I wasn't sure what Steven would make of me asking for a ride on his wife's new bike :LOL: I'll see what I can do. On paper, I must say, the 600 should kill it, but you never know.

    hehheh, Honda tell you EVERYTHING about it EXCEPT its power output and its weight, cunning beggars :LOL:
  6. NRMA's review says 39.something kilowatts.
  7. Hornet 600 has 96PS, which is about 70 kw.

    Dry weight is 176 kg
  8. You are right on paper it looks like it would shite all over the CB400 but it would be interesting to get a perspective from someone who has ridden for a loooong time :LOL: rather than noobs coming off a CB250 :grin:
  9. I asked Stuart Strickland from Honda about this and he said that it is definitely within the LAMS limit. (just)

    Wet weight with a 90kg rider is 265kg. kw is 39.5 that gives a power to weight ratio of 149kw/tonne.

    Don't forget though that the limit is 150kw/tonne and that if you come off the average 250 then you will notice a power to weight difference of anything from 20% to 75%+ (depending on the 250).

    CB250RR comes in at about 120kw/tonne - a 250 Virago about 80.
    The Across is about 108 and the GS500F about 140. The GSXR250 Suzuki is one of the better performing 250's with a ptw ratio of 143.

    A Harley FatBoy (standard) comes in at about 120kw/tonne. :p

    Even if people are coming off the higher performing LAMS 250's it's going to be generally at least a 20% improvement. I believe that the new 400 also has a lot of torque - which would make a huge difference in the mid-range performance.

    edit: The Hornet 600 (with 90kg rider) comes in at about 250kw/tonne. A little less with Paul loaded up for a trip... :LOL: :p
  10. Fatboy LOL, I guess the other measure is torque. How do they stack up and does it make much difference?

    Handling would also be another measure, is the 400 different/better than the 600?
  11. Actually TW did a bit of a write up on it a couple months back. They said as a LAMS bike it's great. As a bike in its own right its fantastic (or similar). The 400 is about 52Hp (by my calculations), making it 7 Hp and about 5kg above the '95 Across. Factor in more torque made from the 400 (I assume) its decent handling (as from TW) and I'd love to get my leg over it. Sounds like a fun little bike - and it looks great in the tri colour too.
  12. My 163kg SR500 produces* 34hp! Vvvrrrrmmmmmmmmmm!

    (*or rather, it produced that 30yrs ago when it was new...)
  13. When you calculate the figures it's a lot more (about 40kw/tonne more) than the Across that's a 40% improvement. It's right on the limit for LAMS
  14. The 400 has twin rear shocks, with remote reserviors, but they are only adjustable for spring tension, not damping. The 600's single rear shock is a one-piece unit with only spring adjustment

    Rear tyre is, I think a little smaller, unlike the 250 Hornet which carries the same uber-rear as its big brother.

    Comparisons with my actual model might be a bit irrelevant; mine has the 16" front wheel where the 400 carries a more usual 17". The 16" does give almost 'think it in' type turn-in, especially with a nice sticky tyre mounted.

    I have invited Steven to join Netrider, and if he does, it would perhaps be easier if I let him ride my old nail, rather than me ask to ride hs brand newie :).
  15. wow i think after some dodgy caculations, the VTR250 comes in at 101kw/tonne, roughly. i woulda thought a bit more than that.

    good thing torque isnt taken into consideration with the limits, coz im pretty sure its got a fair bit of that at least :grin:
  16. That's about right. Detlef Lamp and I did a lot of work on checking older models for the Vic LAMS implementation. What I find amusing is the comments about the bigger LAMS bikes beiing "underpowered" when in fact the increase for the 400's, 500's and 650's is really significant. a 40% increase in the power to weight ratio is a very significant performance increase.

    The torque increase over even the best 250's can be up to 120% when you look at some of the singles, that's what really improves the rideability for the heavier riders.