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(NSW/VIC) Delegate to Orbost - Road Quality

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by zrxbrett, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    Planning my run to Phillip Island for the motogp. Looking at doing it on the cheap and also partaking in my other favourite activity camping.

    Can any one provide any insight into the road quality for the run from Delegate to Orbost? In Victoria it turns into the C612. I guess what I'm really after is if the dirt sections are suitable for a fully loaded road bike (ZRX1200) with camping gear.

    Also intend to camp at the Delegate River Camping Area. Can any one shed any light on what the camping area is like and also the quality of the dirt access road to this camp site?

    Knowlegdeable opinions appreciated.



  2. Time for an update,

    I rode this road from Orbost to Delegate on return from the Moto GP at PI. For those that are interested this road is very challenging: the tarred sections are tight, damp in patches, subject to leaf litter, logging trucks and gravel patches. Despite this if you take it carefully you can make it through OK. Not so for the CBR600 rider wo was riding in a fast group that overtook me on this road. He came off outside Goongerah, but thankfully was OK. Sort of stuffed up his GP weekend though.

    The dirt sections (of which there is about 20km) are good quality and in fact I felt more comfortable on some of the dirt sections than the tar. I camped out on the delegate river on the road to Bendoc, with the bush camp site having easy access, tables, fire places and heaps of wood.

    Heaps of dirt roads for those that have adventure tourers. Might have to upgrade the ZRX to a BMW GS.

    Keep upright,

    (ZRX) Brett
  3. Great road. I lived up that way for 21 odd years, delegate (Delegrott) to orbost 85min. The road was unmade from Delegate to Sardine creek about 95K. (Apart from a cupla patches through Bonang and Goongerah) Sealed from sardine creek to orbost about 30K. Watch out for wallabys etc. on dusk. If you've got balls, go through Dellicknora to Mackillops bridge and up through to Seldom seen...