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[NSW] Using hand signals

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by tobio85, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. I was riding along behind another bike today who while riding along one handed was using hand signals to indicate changing into the left lane. I just wondered if anyone knew if this was legal when the bike is fitted with indicators? Basically because I immediately thought what a great idea it was and started doing the same.

  2. Often do it if riding in heavy traffic; look around, put blinker on, then hand out and move over and then a wave to the cage for not taking me out
  3. this information is relevant to Vic, i can only assume NSW is the same, but i could be wrong.


    summed up - if the vehicle has indicators, and they work, and they must be used.

    no mention of what to do if the left doesnt work, but if the right doesnt work you must signal with your right arm.

    im guessing this guy's indicator was broken, coz if they did work, he shoulda been using them.

    but as Toecutter mentioned, he uses both the arm signal, and the light signal. spose this is just more warning, nothing wrong with that :)
  4. To indicate left you just stick your right hand out, bent at the elbow at a 90 degree angle fingers facing up - as i recall, its the same signal to indicate stopping.
  5. lol my mate old 80's bike doesnt have indicators for whatever reson he exclusivly uses the signals.
  6. and hey presto, no cager under the age of 40 will have a bloody clue what you're doing! :D
  7. Motorcyclists use their right hand to operate the throttle and front brake, thus have been given an exception allowing the use of the left hand for stopping.
    I extend my left arm when turning left as I would do on a bicycle because it's a sign that most (those who rode treddlies as kids) will recognise. :)
  8. Great idea? I once had a car swerve into my lane to avoid a rider in front of her who stuck out his left arm and then braked to turn. Yeah, she should have been paying more attention but he should have been using his turn signals. :roll:
  9. Who's to say the rider wasn't using indicators? I only use hand signals as an addition to indicators because it's more visible in heavy traffic, thus reducing the chance of being rear ended.

    Or, if the rider didn't use indicators, who's to say they hadn't broken and the hand was used as a substitute?

    Your problem is with the car mate, the rider did nothing wrong IMO. :)
  10. I think it's always good to do.

    A bit of colour and movement on the riders behalf can make all the difference.
  11. When you've always ridden old bikes, you become rather adept with hand signals! At the moment I'm down to one out of four indicators flashing! :)
  12. i prefer hand gestures :LOL: