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NSW unmarked highway patrol... VICTORIA ROAD...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by papermate, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. sew..... this is how i keep my self enteratined in peak hour traffic.

    I saw him from a MILE away and thought.....hmm....looks like a copper....
    .. and upon close inspection (no officer, i wasnt speeding behind you just to take your photo......)... i was correct..

    i must say, they are really pumping it up with the police presence there. i drive the road daily from the west and have seen numerous operations and them sitting in side streets.



  2. Good pickup

    The turbo with NSW plates would do a brisk trade down here :LOL:

    Nice pics on the go too, you must have a cool setup to do that.

    ride heaps.
  3. And this is news how????
  4. Yes. They drive cars. They also ride bikes and fly in helicopters too. Also, some of their cars have big lights on the roof and checkered stickers down the side so you should watch out for them too.

  5. hey he got shiny car. wonder who did the cleaning.
  6. Perhaps he's just here on holiday.
  7. Where's the double antennae?
  8. ah crap, black and white plates, i always keep an eye out for them and check their plates, thought they were always yellow and black standard plates on their unmarked cars...
  9. ah crap, black and white plates, i always keep an eye out for them and check their plates, thought they were always yellow and black standard plates on their unmarked cars...
  10. I'm shocking at spotting cop cars these days. :?
  11. Yeah sydneys got the works now, theres an even newer one thats @ gordon or chatswood that has the bottom tinted even more with a gap for the rear radar!

    Just hope if I ever have to outrun a cop its a shitsubishi 380 :LOL: (and yeah I've seen unmarked 380's)
  12. purpose of the post is to highlight the diveristy of unmarked. as far as i am aware these types of cars are strictly operated as highway patrol cars. They are fairly much dedicated to traffic enforcement.

    your average falcon, camry, or mitsubishi thats undercover will not have speed detection units and highway patrol officers inside.
    im also not aware that any vehicles have a rearward facing radar? could be wrong, but fairly sure on this one.

    i hence, post the challenge for anyone to come up with better pics.

    *folds arms*...waits for any challenge.
  13. I got pulled up on the Old Rd last week by one,I made the mistake of slightly shaking my head at him,his windows were so dark with the tint I could not tell till I was past enough to see into the windscreen,what a polite young fellow he was wanting to get to know me,at least it cost me nothing except his company which was not very pleasant.Seftrightuss wanker.
  14. I saw a Bright Orange F6 Tyhoon on the M2 last week

    Didnt even notice it was a cop till he pulled some P Plater over

    Its the very dark tinting and kiddie shades that give them away, which is very hard to spot at night
  15. Yeah there is no rear facing radar on highway cars. Those cameras are the in car video, they face front and back. only highway cars have them.
  16. theres a speeding blitz going on in sydney so they will be on every corner
  17. we seen red monaro undercover hwp vehicle near yarra valley on saturday. you can usually see hidden disco lights on back of car, except these must be new ledlights cause you can't see them until you're really close. :shock:
    the cops in front must've been smiling as they watched about 10 bikes approach them from behind at speed then suddenly slow. :)
  18. pay attention to the ride height at the rears :cool: lotta gear in there weighing it down and its a dead give away!
  19. Good pick up!

    I always look next to the number plate as some have lights next to them and look in the rear parcel shelf.

    Pays to know the area, cops round mine have a orange ss (which followed me a few weeks ago) and blue 380/360. Not sure what else

    Someone remind me again what the purpose of an unmarked copper is again :roll:
  20. yeah i look for that too, every 1 i see has the double aerials and a clearish strip either side of the rear number plate that turn blue and red when you anger them