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(NSW) under 200cc fined for going over 50kph after sunset

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TAX123, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. just found this on the RTA rules

    so if someone riding a honda nsr150 goes 60kph on the way home on a road up to 110 kph after 6pm he cops this, WTF!
  2. april fools joke and someone forgot to change the site back?

    how could that possibly be real?
  3. please link to the Rule/Legislation
  4. i was looking for this. it applies to pushbikes as well afaik.

    can you give us a link?
  5. http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/rulesregulations/downloads/0908_demerits_speeding.pdf

    down the bottom.


    you only read the fine associated, not the specifics of the Rule.


    so the Rule is irrelevant, unless you decide to remove your headlight. im assuming if you did this on a bike larger than 200cc, its simply unroadworthy, where as under those cc limits, a headlight is not always needed for roadworthiness?

    anyways TAX123, try and look up the Rule, not just the punishment. there's often more to it than you think.
  6. Good work Nibor. Good to see someone not accepting some selective quoting and running off at the mouth with it. This particular section was introduced to cover vehicles like electric/petrol powered toy scooters, pushbikes fitted with small petrol engines etc.
  7. ive had a few bikes with headlights that could only dream of 50m
  8. Let's see, my both brother-in-laws old James and his Bantam would be out of it...

    The 6 volt Lambretta I once owned would be illegal, good thing it doesn't mention anything over 200cc or my Bultaco Metralla and my Montesa Capra would have been illegal as well.

    Mind you, any older British bike with Lucas electrics could have been in trouble. I've kbown a few of them where you would have been better off with a hurricane lamp tied to the handle-bars... :LOL:
  9. Lucas, Price of Darkness. Inventor of the intermittent wiper, the self-dimming headlamp, and more! :grin:
  10. I wonder if electric powered scooters come with 100cc-200cc motors :LOL:

    Imagine a 200cc powered pushbike :LOL: