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NSW trail maps?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by fizmotech, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. Anyone no where I can get a map showing which trails dual purpose/trail bikes are allowed on?

    Particularly for the central coast as I visit there often.

    Did a google and couldnt find anything.

  2. Generally, provided that your bike is road registered you can legally ride on any public road, vehicular track or trail.

    As for Maps there are probably heaps more out there but as a 'larger area' map there is the Forests of NSW Central Coast Map, but be warned that the data may not be up to date.

    I prefer the topographical Lands maps which are harder to follow/understand but much more specific to the area on that map (smaller scale).

    Check at the NPWS (National Parks) offices, newsagents or bookshops.

  3. thanks for that. i will buy it first.

    pitty there isnt a website that lists good trails to explore.

    i was hoping for something around the water, maybe patonga. get to a secluded spot and drop a line in kinda thing.
  4. Mate, haven't been up that way in years so can't help you there.

    The problem you may find is that in that area it is National or State parks which means that there will be many gated roads/trails and to bypass the gates opens you up to legal issues.

    Now, in the past (like a lot of years ago) there were trails galore from the main road into Patonga but I do expect that many have been closed.

    My suggestion, go for a ride, see a track/trail, take it and explore (that is my method) and you will be surprised what you may find. Just remember that there may be restricted areas etc and you enter at your risk (ie. fine), but exploring is the best method.

    Also, as an option there are tracks galore in the Watagans and therough to Wollombi.

    Have a search to see if there are any branches of the DSMRA (Dual Sport Motorcycle Riders Association) up that way. They are aimed at more off-road than gravel road and should have plenty of information of places to get to.

  5. Don't know if they have them in NSW or even if they still make them, but the fire brigades in Victoria used to get ESMAP (Emergency Services Map) which was just like a normal street directory but it was topographical and included fire trails/access tracks etc but the best part was that it marked known locked gates. I used to carry one around when I went out in the 4wd and was usually pretty accurate.
  6. Google earth & Cartoscope Australia have online maps. Google show fire trails but are not topographic, Cartoscopes are more touristy but show out of the way placec wit a small amount of detail, you can get them online or form your local tourist information shop.


    Geoscience Australia have a brilliant online tool called map connect. It allows you to search, plot coordinates, add or remove features, upload stuff to GPS, it is topographic is free.

  7. 120kms bush tracks


    Anyone interested going through Big Yengo & Putty State Forest?
    Here is the route (copy paste on google maps - get directions)

    Redleaf Ave @-33.719894, 151.117121

    Peats Ridge, NSW 2250 (Mobil) to:-32.937351,150.927542 to:Commission Rd @-32.660192, 150.850467 to:Golden Hwy @-32.499510, 150.913110 to:Charlton Rd @-32.644631, 151.052233 to:Lot 1, Wollombi Rd, Broke, NSW 2330 (Mobil) to:Redleaf Ave @-33.719894, 151.117121

    I have not passed this route and not sure are all tracks there allowed, will the tank last, could it be made for one day and not sure about all the other possible questions.

    Yesterday I have been to here: -32.988594, 151.078426
    Looks very promising but I was late and took back from there. I am going to try make this route some weekend. Would be great if not alone.