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(NSW) Trail bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by StRider, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. I haven't ridden a trail bike for ..... well let's say a very long time.

    Anyone know where I can hire a trail bike and go riding? Say within an hour or two's drive of Sydney?


  2. I don't want to share any love with them :mad: But maybe could put up with it if theres alot of riding - $190 for the weekend

    + $50 a day for hire (ttr125, xr400)
  3. hi mate ,
    give Bruce a call from http://trailbiketours.com.au/
    they have great tours through the Watagans SF near Morissett and hire out the proper KTMs!!
    I've done two day trips on my WR with them and it's a fantastic day of riding and adventure on amazing trails...and the skills day is great if you're just getting back into it.
    Bruce is a top bloke, down to earth and can ride like the wind.
  4. Thank you people, I appreciate the advice, I will look into it.

    Might give the churchy place a miss, thanks :rofl:
  5. Maybe give Trailworx a ring.
    Adrian is a super friendly guy and he caters for ABSOLUTE beginners. Ie, he won't book you into a group with experienced riders so there's no pressure at all. He gets people who want to test the water after being away from bikes from time to time so you won't be chucked in the deep end. You can do a single day too if you want, no worries.

    They also have hire bikes and riding gear too. DRZ400's. They mostly tour the Watagan's

    He's a friendly bloke who doesn't mind a chat, so allow about 20mins - 30mins for the call!!! :p
    02 4332 5732
  6. Thank mate. Where abouts is that?
  7. Area code is Central Coast - near to the Watagans, hours and hours of fun :cool: