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NSW Traffic Congestion

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kouta, Feb 23, 2015.

  1. It wasn't a hard decision. In the 35+ crowd and just moved to NSW from interstate, I found myself disgusted at the traffic congestion on Sydney roads. The best part of an hour to travel 12 kms in the Inner West, there just had to be a better way to get to work. For years I've been meaning to get my bike licence having grown up on trail bikes as a kid, and that combined with bike repayments being less that the cost of public transport it was a no brainer.

    The modded WRX STi is now locked away in the garage never to be seen unless there's torrential rain or 40+ degrees, and my daily commute is now a CBR500R for the next 14 months until upgrade.

    Big thanks also to robsalvvrobsalvv and those that contributed to the Noob 101+ series threads.

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  2. Welcome Kouta.
  3. Smart choice.

  4. Welcome, I moved from northern Sydney to Gold Coast about 15 years ago traffic was bad enough then let alone now.
    Hope the bike thing works out!
  5. Excellent!!!
  6. Very well written.
    Welcome Kouta.
  7. Welcome mate.

    So the question is though, which of your vehicles would you prefer on some nice twisty up and down mountain roads?
  8. Another CBR500R rider :) Welcome!
  9. Thanks for the welcome messages!

    Definitely the bike chillibuttonchillibutton
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  10. Welcome. I would love to be 12km from work, it would be awesome