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NSW touring tips wanted

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by firetiger, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. Is there anything in NSW worth touring to?

    I mean the REAL NSW.... outback NSW...........

    I hear a lot about other states and touring in those areas but is NSW possibly the most boring state of all time for motorcycle touring???

    If i go... at this stage the only two places i can think of off the top of my head is Bathurst and Broken Hill...
    So draw a line in between those two places and you’ll have an idea of the route i would travel... is there anything there worth taking a look at or ride to??

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. Western NSW (like most of Australia) is flat. So if you hate flat, straight roads you're probably not going to enjoy the riding.

    Off the top of my head,

    Wentworth - where the Murray and the Darling rivers join.
    Mungo National Park.
    Parkes - see the dish.
    Warrumbungles - impressive volcanic formations, great walking.

    http://www.visitnsw.com/zone/Outback.aspx will give you some more ideas as well.
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  4. ok i've updated that damn google map.. :?
  5. Riding to Dubbo sucks. Driving to Bourke sucks. This is my input.
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  7. I drove the road cowra, forbes, parkes Dubbo about a year ago and it's not a bad bike touring road. Olyimpic way I think they call it.

    Of course cooma to tumit is well worth it from both an open curve and a sight seeing point of view
  8. Looks like you don't want any beds in the road actually or have you done the GOR too? Must admit at the end of my day doing that I was over twisties too hey but I'd do it again!(and again and again....). There is a the Central West that is always good for short spin too. Have you been to Neville just outside of Blayney? Nice little place for a beer and cheap digs.
  9. Aren't there some caves in NSW? Jenolan or something? :-k
  10. He'll be going straight past Jenolan, and the road down to them is a nice twisty raod, but I wouldn't be practicing my raceraft on it.

    those caves are a little touristy and crowded.

    If you stray further west there is caves outside of Wellington that are much less touristy and more intact.

    If you stray further east there are wombeyan caves. I believe the road in hear is rough dirt and I'm not sure it's set up for tourists. More for cavers. someone should be able to clarify. The road from Goulburn may be sealed.

    Firetiger, are you into wine? If so I can advise a bit there
  11. Jenolan Caves are between Oberon and Lithgow.

    There's a corker of a road (freshly sealed) between Goulburn and Oberon (via Taralga)

    And instead of slabbin' it up the Hume, the back way between Albury and Wagga Wagga (via Culcairn, Morven, Cookardinia - if memory serves) is a pleasant run.
  12. Wombeyan Caves from Goulban,did it 10 years ago and it was a shocker,down hill 35k off camber corners and very badly corrigated dirt,take care
  13. Between Bourke and Nyngan is a town called Byrock (has the only bend in the road for 200km) and you will find the Mulga Creek Pub. It’s a must stop just to see the inside of the bar and to say you’ve had a drink at the Mulga Creek Pub. I stopped there around 10am and the bar was empty but from a previous encounter it gets rowdy of a night.

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  15. Thanks!!
    It’s not that im trying to avoid anything its just that i’ve never been there... at this stage we’ve got 9 days but 2 of those days are to get out and back into victoria.. i’ve never heard of the Warrumbungles but i have heard people raving on about the Blue Mountains and thats why im taking that way through to the top...
    I’ll be looking up all the little places that people are mentioning on here as well and making notes.. so thanks for that everyone... oh.. and btw.. no wine for me plz... beer and whiskey!! :)

    I’ve been on the GOR many times... since i was 18... i ran it again about 2 years ago coming back from Geelong and boy oh boy... it wore thin towards the end.... and i’ve just been down to Tasmania in January... i rode from Sheffield to Richmond via the East Coast and averaged about 50 to 60 kph due to the windy roads... it took me the entire day and o luved it... the west coast from Hobart to Queenstown via Russell’s falls was one of the hardest days ride i’ve had in a while too... but it was all good... and i’ve travelled australias straightest roads across the Nullarbor which i absolutely luved!! ... i guess as long as im on Two Wheels i’ve got a smile on me dial :)

    Excellent!!! I luv places like this!! ........ although.. is that a fricken parking meter out front!! lol omg!!

    Wow.. no i didn’t know about that bike museum... its on the list!! :)


    ok... stage 2 is now complete and have now added a tow bar so we can hook up the trailer we used on our Darwin Trip :)

  16. I did this ride last year over 4 days on my Triumph Sprint.


    I shouldn't have enjoyed it but it was great to just get out and ride. Not much in the way of scenery, not much in the way of bends and not much of anything. Just very different to Victoria.

    If you just want to get away from it all this will do that. From Vic up to around Parkes is typical country NSW stuff. The ride from there to Bourke was enjoyable because it's open and virtually uninterrupted. Bourke isn't much but I can say I've been there. The ride from Bourke to Broken Hill is a bit of Mad Max, dusty, outback style stuff and sit on 100k's (;)) the whole way. Broken hill is an interesting place with plenty to see in town and around the area.

    The ride out of Broken Hill to Mildura was the most enjoyable part. Dry, open country. Enough in the way of bends to give you a bit of time on each bum cheek and open enough not to worry too much about going 5 k's (;)) over the limit.

    The eye opener for me was the wild goats up north - they're everywhere!
  17. excellent... very similar to what i did and similar thoughts as well :)
  18. Hey, the only thing i can suggest is that if you stay the night in/around broken hill, you have to go watch the sunset just north of Silverton (20min North of Broken Hill). I think its called the mundi mundi lookout. The pic is terrible but to give you a bit of an idea...

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  19. Sadly, pretty much as soon as you get west of the ranges, the roads flatten and straighten. There's loads to see out there and the scenery is awesome, but the riding experience is a bit dreary if you like the twisties.
  20. Just lost half a day perusing your site Phil. Thank you.=D> I just wish I had half a life of motor cycling to record about. Better late than never I guess! You keep up the good work and inspiration.