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[NSW] Toll notices - fines

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by UDLOSE, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Ok this is more of a heads up and hopefully it doesn't turn into a do gooder finger pointing session.

    I know heaps of people who don't pay toll notices when they get them. I've had heaps of people say 'stuff them just throw them in the bin they can't do a thing' and I've pretty much done that for ages. I pay the odd one and throw 90% of them in the bin.

    Today I check the mailbox and I've got a penalty notice from the SDRO for wait for it, $150 and its in relation to one single toll notice only (which is dated almost exactly 6 months ago)... So I don't know if somethings changed or what, but I'm a little worried. There was a period where I was going through around 4 tolls a day so I'm scared that these $150 fines might start rolling in 4 per day. If they did it for every fine I guess that I could easily be up for 10-50 grand in fines 8-[

    I'd like to mention that the bike is actually listed on my etag so I was doing the right thing anyway. It works for all my other vehicles but the one I was riding to work every day for months.

    So I'll see if I can use their shithouse online system that barely works (when its not down) to pay any outstanding notices that I can find.

    So has anyone else had one of these SDRO notices?

  2. Argh! Now I know why I pay them online.

    Fail after fail. Lets see first of all every road has its own system which work differently.

    Hills M2 - this system is the best of the bunch. You put in one toll notice and its smart enough to list all other outstanding notices for the same numberplate. $280 later, I'm up to date with them. Had I paid by CC not tag (which they try and hide the option for and not explain properly), I'd be up for $1,200.

    Connector Motorways (lane cove tunnel) - their system, slow and not so flash. It supports paying multiple notices at a time but you have to enter them manually and know the numbers for each. So I rummaged through my waste paper bin and managed to find about 10 of them, so $33 spent there. But now the problem is that I don't know what's outstanding with them so I'll have to wait for the letters to come in and painstakingly pay them one at a time online as I get them.

    I doubled checked with Roam to confirm that the bike was listed on there and well well well. When the my vehicles screen managed to load (this site is always slow) to my horror no CBR250 on there. I remember clearly what happened.

    Ages ago, I tried to add the 250 using their online system and it wouldn't let me because I don't have a motorcycle tag listed on my account. Ok fair enough, find the 'order new tag' form and try to order the bike tag. "Sorry you can't order a tag of this type because you have no no motorcycles listed". Infinite loop = epic fail.

    So I had to ring them up and do it all over the phone and I remember updating all my vehicles. I deleted an old car and replaced the cbr125 with the cbr250, the guy took care of it over the phone (aparently). Now I look in the system and the 125 is still listed with no 250, but my blackbird is listed which prooves that I'd updated my vehicles since the 250 because I bought it long after the 250... My 675 is listed twice, once as a car and once as motorbike.

    I tried to update all the details and fell back into no bike tag trap again... So I'm going to have to call them and see if I can convince the monkies to actually make the changes this time. Meanwhile I wonder how many free tolls the new owner of the cbr125 has clocked up in the last 9 months..

    It really shits me that we are forced to use all this stuff but the systems suck. I don't want their stupid bike tag, I wouldn't be caught dead with it mounted on my bike, they can earn their keep by auto charging it to my tag like they should..

  3. lol nothings going right for you lately, 2 weeks ago when we went through m2 for our ride to lemming, i got nothing showing on etoll website, maybe cause i took the gutters edge? who knows
  4. Sometimes they can take ages to come, I've found that one unavoidable.

    Yeh I've sure copped it lately. In the last month I've clocked up $600 to the sdro and paid over $300 in toll notices.

    Riding to the city just isn't financially viable. Costs over 500 plus fines a month to take the blackbird to work or under 200 to catch the train.
  5. and this is but one reason I would never live in Sydney
  6. For a moment when i saw the title i thought you had somehow jacked my old thread :p.
    Was called... oh, its in similar threads :p.

    [nsw] Toll Fines... but...

    Different situation though, actually your bike in your case :p.
  7. Get these coming in droves - I throw out the Blue Notices, but pay the Pink Notices!! (The Final Reminder)

    What shits me is this... One fail to pay toll notice actually apeared on my statement!
    So I ring them up to querie, and the biatch when checked actually was pissed off that it was incorrectly sent, but stated "You should have your Tag Mounted Properly"???????

    To what you dumb ****n slag!!!!

    So, to me, its like forget that it beeps to acknowledge, these ****ers are Monitoring you through tolls by sight.. !!
  8. I used the e-tag from the car to cross the bridge everyday for a month.

    Apparently, that shit didn't work. I've gotten a shitload of those toll notices and have already copped an enforcement order too.

    I may well go on a rampage at the bleedin RTA.
  9. Why take the toll roads then? Just filter through the traffic like your motorbike is meant to. Granted a blackbird is difficult perhaps impossible. But if you're paying $500 a month in fines, versus $200 a month on the train tickets, won't $8 in tolls a day, 20 days a month, be cheaper? Just fill out the forms when they come...and don't let them get to final reminder stage?

    I don't understand how you're being "fined"?
  10. UD's talking about being fined for injudiscious use of the "squirty hand" ;)


    + bus only lane, looking askance at a po-po, wearing his undies on the outside, having a 2-wheeled vehicle, overtaking busses by driving thorugh full-to-the-brim bus stops, etc... Pretty much everything really. :(

    Going to miss seeing the Trumpy down at Homebush every now and again till next year.

    Fun Ha!
  11. I rang up about 2 weeks back and asked to get my bike put on my car etag. The bike was put onto the account but the lady said DO NOT try and carry the tag with you on the bike, just ride through and they will check the number plate and add it onto the etag account.
    Just so I got a full clarification with her I asked are you certain that I do not have to carry the etag with me, she said that they acknowledge that there is a problem carrying the etags on the bikes and that there is no where to mount them. I said that there is always the arse crack, got a laugh :D
  12. Well that all contradicts my phone call, cause the dumb ass I spoke too wouldnt have a clue!
    Then again, maybe she was alluding to my ass crack!!! lol
  13. I thought I'd stir the pot at ROAM a little and got this in response...

    So you can't use their etag. You have to get a e-pass... which can only be used on the M7 ](*,) But they won't charge the 'imaging fee' - How nice of them.

    Solution - Get a Visitor e-pass. Which according to their website is suitable for Short-term users, it lasts for 30 days, and you get charged extra! :woot:

    Shouldn't be charging motorbikes anyway.

    Fun Ha!
  14. I don't get what this ****ing safety issue is anyway. I just pulled the thing outta my pocket and held it up with my left hand. Easy peasy.

    The thing that shits me is that it is a $10 'processing fee' when their own ****ing technology doesn't ****ing work anyway. I actually (for once) didn't try to scam their system and now they are raeping me for it.
  15. That's one of the safety issues right there b.r

    You have fiddle around in your pocket/jacket/arse to find the tag and hold it out for it to register (if you are lucky).

    The Sydney Motorways website says ...

    Actually none of the providers provde any such thing as far as I could find. Plus if you do use it like that then you'll get charged for a replacement if it falls off you arm. ](*,)


    Fun Ha!
  16. can you just get the sticky window mount thing and slap on your windscreen down the very bottom? could also make a little bracket and stick it to the underside of your fairing up front ? i dunno just talkin shiiiit
  17. mine works every time


    has a magnet that sticks to your tank
  18. Nice choice of nail polish there Goz! ;)
  19. BAHAHAHA! :rofl:

    10 points to Pete.
  20. ye i bought it from Dick Smith :)