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[nsw] Toll Fines... but...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Mr Messy, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. Personally i find this quite amusing, because its not happening to me, its happening to my dad :p.
    He owns a '98 BMW K1200RS, and has a numberplate that suits the model - and doesnt want to give that up because of what is happening.

    Over the last several weeks he has been receiving toll notices that he has been riding his bike in Sydney on the M4, M5 and M7, and owes quite a large (and growing) sum of money to the toll companies.

    Dad has in fact never ridden his bike to sydney (nor have i :p), and was even at work when all this is going on, and depite him writing back and calling the tolling people, they keep sending him reminder notices and new tolls to be paid..... He has asked for photos of the bike but they have not been forthcoming with them.

    Easiest way is to change his plate but like i say, its a custom one and he doesnt want to.
    Any advice on how to make them actually find out who this is and do something about it, rather then hassling my old dude?
  2. Demand photo's...
  3. Some one has duplicated his plate! Even if he gets rid of the plate they still know who he is, I doubt that will help.

    You need photos.
  4. It will stop further infringements being racked up against his name
    Yep write a letter with evidence about times and so on, and demanding photographic evidence. If they don’t provide it, then send a follow-up letter referring to the first one by date and so on, get it witnessed by a JP and in this one state that if further infringement notices continue without photographic evidence it will be considered a harassment case and any future correspondence will be going to the Ombudsman.
  5. Thanks guys, yeah ill tell him to keep the pressure up for photographic evidence proving its him on his bike (which was in the garage at the time :D), or he wont pay.
  6. They dont need evidence it is "him on his bike". They just need to prove it was his bike. And sounds like they won't have that proof.
  7. Photos by them or it didn't happen, and if they have photos of those plates on another bike, then the police need to get into gear and find out whom is replicating your plates!!!
  8. Any communication you have with them MUST be in writing -- never do it by phone calls

    and if you send them letters make sure its registered post with the return reciept as received option

    If its email ask for read reciepts in your email client

  9. Had a reply from Hills who operate the M2 stating that they indeed made an error and dad will receive no further communication on that subject, but still the M4 M5 (or maybe M7... cant remember for certain) operators havent responded, and yet another toll notice has arrived. Will keep on their case :D.
  10. hmm, I also know a dad in newcastle with a 98 K12RS with a plate very specific to the bike. He's never ridden it in sydney though.
  11. Possible, but not sure the old dude has any mates with bikes except for a couple more local ;).
    No other tolls through yet but waiting... At least Hills replied to him so far.
  12. Dad has gotten yet another toll fine from the M7 operators, and has as yet had no reply at all from them regarding what he has sent them.
    Is there an ombudsman for this sort of thing?

    Edit: never mind, found it :p.
  13. this is interesting, yet my mate drives his car through the M7 without a tag and never even gets the charge taken off the tags account? (he would pleade "the tag didnt beep" if they tried to charge him any fee's)

    You have me curious, very curious! No I dont have anything that can help, but I'll keep an eye on this topic with eager eyes
  14. We have finally received a reply from the M5/7 (one of them - its at home and im at work) operators.
    It does indeed display a photo (about 1cm x 2cm and pretty blurry) of a BMW K1200RS, though a different fairing job, and more amusingly the bike does have the same numberplate, but the white lettering on the black background, whereas dads is the black on yellow.
    He is replying to that effect tonight.
  15. curiouser and curiouser...
  16. Have a chat to the RTA too. The plate might be meant to be personal on a car. The format does seem like the personal plates.

    Some stupid RTA official may have allowed him to transfer his personal car plate to a bike without realising a bike one existed, or the bike plate may have been issued after the personal one was transfered.

    or it may be an illegal fitment.

    or it may be from another state (victoria).

    Maybe send a photo of his bike, showing the plate, with the letter to the M7.
  17. Saw the RTA today, no other vehicle is registered with the plate, so along with informing the operators of that fact and the differences in the plate, is it worthwhile also informing the police to be on the lookout down there?
  18. Yes, but you probably need to get a larger picture from the Toll company to find out if it is an interstate plate before you do that. After all, if it is an interstate plate there probably has been no offense committed, and the Police won't be interested.

    It sounds like Hills who operate the M2 have already worked this out.
  19. Ok an update at long last!
    It definitely appears to show NSW in the plate... despite being a little hard to see.

    Despite proof being provided to the operators in the form of a signed police report clearly stating that they have observed the bike and its totally different to the image, and that dad has shown them with his payslips that he was at work on the day in question - all verified by the police for him so he can get them off his back *shrugs* they have informed my old man that the toll has been passed onto the state debt recovery office and we can expect a letter from them shortly.

    Usually when they get involved they cancel your licence on the spot for outstanding fines. Could get interesting :p. Dad already said if it arrives he will take it to court and go for costs plus his time, and if they cancel his licence his loss of income - truck driver.
  20. HELL YEAH! Take it to court and get their arses!