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NSW to VIC transfer of ownership help - $1,200 seems exxy

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by kakoii, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. hey all,

    long time lurker first time poster :)

    I'm looking at buying a private bike from NSW and transfering ownership to me in VIC

    2006 Husky 610sm price appx 8k

    Vic roads isn't very helpfull with info (only has owner moving interstate details, not transfers)

    Looking at the calculators can you tell me if this is right?

    Transfer Fees - Private or Company Motor Vehicle (Not Dealer)
    Please enter the Dutiable Value of the vehicle:
    (Formerly known as Market Value) $8000

    Transfer Fee: $5.40
    Motor Vehicle Duty: $320
    Total Fee Payable $: $325

    Initial Registration Fees - Secondhand Light Motor Vehicle

    Appointment Fee: $11
    Inspection Fee: $23
    Registration Fee: $178
    Transport Accident Charge: $294
    Insurance Duty: $29
    Number Plates: $29
    Motor Vehicle Duty: $320
    Total Fee Payable $: $884

    Do I have to pay $1,200 to transfer a bike woth 8k from NSW to VIC?????

    Seems SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO expensive!

    I understand there is a year of rego in there but do I have to pay Motor Vechile Duty twice???

    Many thanks all :)
  2. No, you don't pay motor vehicle duty (stamp duty) twice.
  3. Geez, two minutes and a reply already - sweet ;)

    so I'm still looking at 900 clams then?

    Why do these people make it so hard to buy interstate?

    I'd be saving myself some nice mod $$ if I bought locally.

    Another question if I may.

    Do I need to roadworthy the bike and how much does that cost? (guessimate that nothing is wrong with it)


    Bike is registered in NSW and is stock (except a slip on pipe - original is supplied.
    done 3000ks

  4. Transfer fee is to transfer vic rego from one victorian to another, so doubt you'd need to pay that. I'd say the $884 is what you'll need to pay.

    (Plus a temporary permit if planning to ride it down.)
  5. Hey Silmari - cheers.

    I'd be picking it up in Melb and fanging it down to Ballarat.

    I guess I would still need a temp permit for that - good point :)

    I think about $45 from memory.

    can anyone help with RWC???
  6. RWC, assuming nothing is wrong with the bike, should cost anywhere between $100 and $200. Any more and you being ripped, once again, assuming nothing is wrong with the bike at all. But if you know someone you might be able to get it done for like $50.

    Good choice of bike mate. GO THE TARDS! :grin:
  7. Cheers Nath :)

    Would love a Prilla but heard they are a biatch to keep and have some pretty serious problems with the seals etc...

    Do you know if a RWC a part of the interstate transfer/re-reg?

    Do you know someone who can do it for $50? lol ;)

    pm me if you do :)
  8. Peter Stevens in Melb did RWC for $50 on my postie.
  9. Sweet, cheers mate :)

    I'll give them a call tomorrow - they should be able to answer if a roadworthy is required on interstate transfer.
  10. yes a RWC is required on ALL new registrations.
    its no different than if you bought it in Vic - you still need a RWC.
  11. If it still has NSW rego you don't need the temporary permit.
  12. thatnks to all for their replies.

    I have found out that if buying interstate the bike will be tranferred with no rego. Only if you are the owner and you move interstate can you keep the plates on and transfer them across to VIC ones.

    You will have to get a RWC done on the bike then take all the info into VICROADS to claim your new plates and rwc.

    This should be around $900 inc rego for a year.

    I hope this helps all the other mexicans out there looking at an interstate purchase.

    I'll post pics up when she arrives.
  13. Sorry kakoii, not meaning to hijack the thread but this may be another thing to think about as well. Somebody on here would probably know, but if the bike is registered in NSW and it was still under NSW rego, would you be able to get a refund for the NSW rego (for the rego period that is left)?
  14. I believe so yes, but its never the full % owed back
  15. The seller is getting the refund and taking the difference off the total price of the bike :)
  16. Thanks for the info guys, I'm also looking at doing this. Will Vic Rds accept an interstate roadworthy or blue/yellow slip??
  17. I went through this when I bought a car from the ACT (I live in NSW).

    I drove it around for a while on the ACT plates, but when it actually came time to register it in NSW it was a major hassle.

    NSW simply wouldn't recognise the ACT registration. As far as they were concerned it was a 15 year old car that had simply never been registered. I had to take it to get a blue slip inspection, and then I was told it would have to be taken to a central RTA inspection site (near Silverwater I think) to have its identification verified.

    I probably wouldn't do it again. I forget the costs but it worked out a lot more expensive (and time consuming) than just buying a NSW car.
  18. Short answer is no.


    PITA if you ask me...
  19. This is a great thread guys, thanks.

    I have bought a used Suzuki GSX650F from the Gold Coast. They're cancelling the QLD rego and shipping the bike down to VIC.

    From what I can gather, I will need to get:
    - A temporary permit so I can ride the bike from home to the roadworthy center for the Road Worthy Certificate (about $50 it seams?)
    - The aforementioned RWC (about $100?)
    - Then off to VicRoads for a reaming on the registration (sounds like about $900?).

  20. That's it in a nutshell. The amount you'll end up paying to Vicroads depends on the value of the bike as that'll determine the amount of stamp duty you will pay. So $8.00 in every $200.00 for stamp duty, twelve months registration and probably a small amount ($15.00?) for the plate.