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[NSW] to the toyota camry turning right into market street

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by evelknievel75, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. yes, i didn't mind you were on your phone before we turned from castlereagh into market st in the city. i allowed for this. but when you veered into my lane and nearly took me out i got sort of bothered.

    then when i got next to you and saw it was a policeman in uniform you were wearing i felt a little miffed in your unmarked camry. you saw me glare at you ( no middle fingerfrom me officer ) and i understand that police can use mobile phones for some reason if dictated to by the requirements of the job ( i still think that law is bullsh*t ).

    the only thing i got really upset about was how fat and overweight you were. all i really wanted to ask you was, "who ate all pies?"? maybe walking next time will help work off that gut that hung over the steering wheel.
  2. policemen are people just like the rest of us... they come in all shapes and sizes and temperaments... from huge to tiny, stupid to intelligent... looks like u just met some of the gunk at the bottom of the bucket.

    whats the bet that the policeman was using the phone for private reasons!
  3. ..but they really should be setting an example to the rest of us!. If they are in uniform, they are representing the Police Force. Ok, so they are allowed to use the phone (in some circumstances), but that doesn't excuse the bad driving! [-(

    On Sunday I got overtaken by a cop car (I was in my car) at well over the legal limit. No sirens, not chasing anyone etc... so why the excess speed??
  4. Evil, did you take notice of the number plate and ring to make a complaint of the drivers driving style.
    If not, you should have done so.
    You might be surprised to find the positive result had you done so.
  5. A friend told me a story (therefore i dont know how true it is :p) about how he asked a policeman who pulled him over once (in a car) how the hell he caught up to take note of the speeding (135kph on the freeway (110kph)), as the cop had literally driven up behind him - not spotted from the roadside etc.
    He didnt get away with it, wore the fine, but supposedly had the pleasure of watching a magistrate belittle the officer, because he was doing some 150kph while just driving along. It didnt excuse my friends offense, blah blah blah :p.
    Obviously the officer slept through the class where the rules of a road chase are explained - ie call it in, sirens, etc.

    (for some reason this bit didnt show up in the post...)
    edit: How i would love to see the statistic - seems there is a statistic for everything these days - for the number of policemen/women fined for going through red light cameras, speed cameras, or generally booked for speeding or other offences while not having had called in a chase and gotten approval, etc etc etc.
  6. I really cannot understand the stupidity of these, "To the....whatever" posts.
  7. Maybe you're the stupid one then :-s
  8. Nah Rc is a pretty smart, just old and cranky so he likes to have a whinge about us having a whinge about something. Personally I'm just glad there's someone adding a critical opinion to all the threads. If him and a few others weren't here we'd all just be blowing fluff up our own arses thinking we were all perfect riders and didn't need to improve because we are the top of the food chain with perfect reflexes and nil the egos.

    I for one stand behind our token cranks! =D>
  9. :LOL: at N4R. I think the point of rc's post was along the lines of what is the chance that some camry driving cop will hop onto netrider for the sole purpose of reading your post.

    Oh, and don't diss overweight cops, I had one who pretty much taught me how to drive properly. Bloody awesome car control + driving, didn't buy into the whole speed kills lunacy, and knew there was more to driving than being able to reverse park and do a three point turn, something the RTA refuse to understand.
  10. :jerk:

    i dont mind your comment but this is a section where all and sundry can highlight a recent example of nearly being taken out. by a plod on a phone no less.

    and they do read this site.

    but rc36 ( is 1936 the year you were born? ) have a bex and good lie down. there there old boy :LOL:
  11. This is where my $50 helmet cam would have helped -- when asked for evidence say -- I will put it on a cd for your viewing pleasure

    should that not work - send a copy to today/tonight
  12. Having had posts on here quoted to me by VIcRoads, TAC and police - the chances are that it well may get back.

    Forums do get monitored from time to time by various agencies (at least in Victoria and NSW).
  13. yep "the man " is watching you