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NSW to test speed limiting devices

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, May 19, 2009.

  1. Speed limiters to be trialled on NSW roads

    The RTA will start trialling 40 devices from next month. Despite all the signs, the fines, and the patrols, motorists in New South Wales keep on speeding.

    Now a new option is being considered to slow drivers down.

    The Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) device cuts power to the engine if a driver goes over the speed limit and ignores a warning to slow down.

    A device fitted to the dashboard picks up information about the speed limit on the road from satellites. A warning goes off if the motorist exceeds the limit. And if the driver continues to ignore the warning, power to the engine is cut.

    more at... http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2009/05/19/2574601.htm
  2. Up until now I have been amazed that an election hasn't been lost on the governments stupid obsession with speed alone.

    If they try to implement this, that will change.
  3. Isn't this the stuff they were trialling in Leeds recently? God help us :(

    Time to move countries.
  4. Whilst this won't happen soon, I fear its only a matter of time before it does become a reality. Where will that leave us? Apart from killing alot of people who get their engine cut mid corner, we'll have to head to the track alot more often..
  5. Or overtaking
  6. I wonder how easy it would be to cut the device out of the loop, or disable it all together?

    I know that people do it with speed limiting devices, what says it can't be done on these?
  7. This device is not able to

    -Prevent people from merging into me
    -Prevent Me from merging into people
    -Prevent people from pulling out in front of me at T-intersections and giving me no room to emergency brake
    -Prevent people from running into my arse because they didn't notice the stationary traffic in front
    -Prevent me sliding from on gravel
    -Prevent animals or kids running over the road and getting collected by me
    -Prevent people from falling asleep and running off the road
    -Prevent me from sliding in the wet

    I don't know what sort of application this device has when it does fcuk-all? It obviously won't ever have an application on motorbikes, because the speed it necessary to maintain a lean and thus balance. If you get the power cut while going round a corner with the bike leaned over, and you can't pull it upright in time, you're going down.

    The NSW state governments obsession with low-level speeding truly is misguided.
  8. The more complicated the car, the more difficult it will be for your average tuner to work on these.

    Cable connected throttle - no problems
    Electronically actuated throttle - could be far more difficult.

    When hydrogen cars roll out I worry this kind of tech will become standard and you wont be able to bypass it.

    Luckily bikes are simple so actually removing anything like an engine limiter wont be too hard, but it will no doubt highly illegal to do so.

    because youre not thinking of the children :evil:
  9. From the chat on radio this morning , it does come with an over ride disabling button.
  10. Well what language are the dynamic (reflashable) engine computers programmed in? Surely C++ or another wide-ranging language?

    Then just set max_speed="1000";

  11. Gee, I don't seem to HAVE a computer managing my engine... :grin:

    I thought Leeds was a motorcycle only trial and was indeed found to be lethally dangerous.
    You can see what's coming here though: It will be found to have some safety concerns relating to intervening in the control of the vehicle, so they will revert to a 'track and penalise' system instead. Then they get the money too.
  12. The end result is to create a tracked motoring community by satellite. They will then be able to implement charging you by the kilometre travelled (already been put through as a bill in US and UK).
    This will make the little Machiavellian freaks jump for joy. Let all live in a controlled society complete with police state to boot (or stick one in)!

    I smell a revolution comming.
  13. http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/story/0,22049,25504164-5006009,00.html

  14. If they think it may be great and safe, why not trial it in inner Sydney? Why Illawarra? Give it a really hard testing early on. Unless of course they admit it may have flaws that could be dangerous to unleash on a busy area. :shock:
  15. So if you don't pay your parking ticket on time. Does that mean they will remotely set your speed to 0kph!

    This is part of the UK bill for traffic management 2015.
  16. ](*,)

    That's all I could come up with. At least there's no mention of motorcyclces that I could see.... Slippery slope indeed.
  17. Hands up all you dopey, thick, uneducated, superior c***s who voted for this pack of pricks in the last election?
  18. Where’s the implant that makes people better drivers?
  19. They should trial it in Highway Patrol cars
  20. +1

    Time for the labour Governments to go and see if the Libs can do it differently. Doubtful, but surely worth a try?

    All a major opposition political party needs to do is campaign against over-the-top fining and over regulation and it'll be a landslide.