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NSW NSW to scrap speed cameras?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Ljiljan, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. I find it interesting that before the election they said they would be removing the contracted mobile speed cameras. Now it's an audit.

    Though I hate to say it, I'm a little bit cynical.

    Just the tiniest bit.

  2. Well its a start in the right direction.
    Even if it comes to nought,

    he's a politition, I have run an audit and the greed camera's are a safety issue and proven effective,
    And it will end up back in general revenue as thats where the road and driver education funds come from,

    that should stop the public from complaining for a bit longer, At least till the next election is over,
  3. If they use MUARC for the review, the outcome will be that the camera's have been entirely pivotal in all fatality reductions.

    There was a MUARC report which said as much about Victoria's program.
  4. Quote "One argument that has been raised on numerous occasions is that revenue raised from speed and safety cameras should be pumped back into road safety and driver education schemes, rather than straight into government coffers, as is currently the case."

    I can see this being the outcome. The audit will show that it's all about the revenue but they will "promise" that the revenue will be used for education and safety, therefore having a positive effect on road safety so they'll have to stay.

  5. I agree with cameras that are in place where speed limits drop from 100 to 50 or something like that where people would blast through a town at like 80 instead of slowing enough...
    But those that are just stuck around the place for obvious revenue... get rid of em ;).
    And keep the sign posts up warning they are coming up!
  6. School zones. I'd love to see all school zones have them.
    The number of the f*cken d1ckheads that tear through my kid's school zone is ludicrous.
  7. Most school zones. Not all. Eg, the ones at kogarah are completely unnecessary. In fact I'd also argue against there being a school zone there, not just a speed camera.
  8. Also the ones at Hornsby on the Pasific Hwy and probably the one on Epping Rd,there are some realy stupid shcool zone ones,thats High Schools on 4 lane major Rds with 4 ft pool fences at the rd edge and million dollar foot bridges over the rd
  9. As someone who has witnessed a child get sucked under a truck at 80kph because the school was on a major road and the truckdriver didn't agree with the school zones placement, I completely disagree. Just because it's next to a major road doesn't mean it gets to be a special case. Bridges are effective, but lots of kids also ignore them. It's still next to a yard full of little people that aren't capable of focusing on anything that isn't right in front of them and shiny.

    As a rider/driver, schools zones are a PITA. As a parent of a five year old, i'll wear it if i means someone's kid has a higher chance of not getting hit by a car.
  10. Who's parents didn't teach their kids to stay off the damn road? Do people seriously not bother with this? Honestly, it's fundamental road safety, if they haven't been taught that you have to wonder what else they haven't been taught.
  11. Try and teach a 5 year old anything. The fact that they can regurgitate what you've told them 50 times is one thing. Whether that message will stay uppermost in their mind when they find themselves in the situation you warned them about, is another. If you don't know this, then you're obviously not a parent.

    Teaching a 5yo anything is like herding cats. It might work...
  12. I think what theyre trying to get at with the whole 40 speed limit is that kind being kids dont exactly have their own safety first. Even if the kid is at fault for running out onto the traffic chasing a ball/meeting their friend/getting to the other side, its totally unfair that the poor driver still has to live with the fact that they hurt/maimed/killed the kid even when its not their fault.

    I for one, wouldnt want that on my conscience.

    By going 40km/h you can bring the car/bike to a halt a lot quicker.

    But yes, some speed cameras and safety cameras are totally inappropriate in some places.
  13. read it again and see it for what it is.

    quote "The audit is likely to take around three months and would once and for all remove any cynicism or scepticism surrounding speed and safety camera" unquote.

    that's it's purpose, to quiet public discontent. when concluded they"ll have their audit to justify having the cameras. forgone conclusion.
  14. Once again, the man with the banana wins the banana.
  15. Man with banana knows what he is talkin bout.
  16. School zones are an effective way of abdicating parental responsibility onto car drivers. if your child is incapable of safely negotiating a pedestrian crossing by itself, then the parent should escort the child until its old enough to do it.
    It's called being a parent.
    When I went to school there was no such things as school zones, and I cannot recall a single child being run over. But then our parents used to escort us to the front gate until we were old enough to do it ourselves.
    As far as speed cameras are concerned, does anyone REALLY expect the gubbermint to scrap one of the greatest revenue raisers of all time?
  17. That's a somewhat emotive argument, and quite understandably so, but it's also what sly Government revenue...I mean Policy-makers make great use of to push their agengas.

    In this case it's clear that the school zone didn't work, and in fact one could argue that it even contributed because of the presumption that every vehicle will be crawling along at 40kmh. That's pretty much the same as a motorcyclist counting on other road users to look out for them, and the sooner they understand the dangerous flaw in that thinking, the sooner they signifigantly reduce the odds of becoming another statistic. Or stepping onto the road at a pedrestrian crossing without due diligence, because if someone hits you they'll be in the wrong.
  18. Ah thank you, nice to see common sense these days.
  19. My kid is a fricken angel, behaves, is polite, smart, etc. Ask him to do something and he does it for about 3.2secs before he's distracted by something. They don't have the physical mental capacity to maintain concentration. There are a gazillion studies out there that confirm it. Doesn't matter if you're a "bad parent" and make your kid walk to school on his own at six or if he's standing next to you the whole way to school, they only listen most of the time.

    It has absolutely nothing to do with abdicating parental responsibility, whatsoever. That's just a silly statement.

    NSW Audit has been auditing school zone data since their introduction and found huge decreases in casualties since thier introduction in early 2000. CBF searching details. I know it exists because i have family involved in the audit and are intimate with the reports...