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NSW to run IOM style event exploiting legal loophole

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by cjvfr, Sep 21, 2014.

  1. Exploiting a legal loophole that allows councils to close roads without Police approval a closed road "Rally" will run near Kyogle NSW in October. The Lions TT is part of a motorcycle festival which includes a drag race that shifted to nearby Casino airport after Lismore police banned it from being held on Kyogle's main street.

    Lions TT organiser Casey Stringfellow hopes the festival will grow into an annual fixture with a similar draw to events, such as the Targa Tasmania rally or Isle of Man TT.


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  2. Our ACT authorities were far more enthusiastic when we ran our Macarthur Park road race meetings back in the late seventies and early eighties.

    "There's an unused subdivision at Macarthur and you'd like to race bikes around it? Of course, let us know the dates. You'd like the ACT Police to patrol the area and help with crowd control and management of the event? Of course, just tell us how many you'll need, we'll make sure they are rostered on. You want to remove a traffic directional island so you can race sidecars? OK, we'll have a road gang out there in the next couple of days to dig it up and tar over the road so you can." etc etc :LOL:
    Coyne Street.JPG
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  3. That would be pretty cool.
    Especially in this day and age where governments seem to have taken it upon themselves to protect us from ourselves more than ever.
    Just wondering what the insurance premiums are like? Lol
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    not gonna lie popped a semi just reading that thread topic.

    Just hope nobody gets injured so it doesn't pop up in the crosshairs of the sensationalist media.

    Edit: wait it's not a race, what's the point, alternatively if it's not a race then what's the problem?
  5. Different times weren't they Hornet, Governments seem to want to prevent anything except the Coprorate sanctioned events now days. Good on the Lions Club and the local council up there for wanting to try something else to enhance their community.
  6. Oh yeah, everyone plays it safe in case something goes wrong and it's their head on the block. I hope it's a booming success up there, and sets a template for many other such events
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  7. My brother in Canberra lives on that former race track, it must have been a bit of a hoot.
  8. I am a founding member of the Lions TT
    I really hope everyone gets behind the event
    Anyone that has ridden the a Lions road knows how demanding and rewarding the road can be
    Will be a great weekend and hopefully the beginnings of a special event
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  9. It's not really an IOM event is it?
  10. Craig,
    Do you have a flyer for this event?

    I have heard that it is not a race (or time trial), it is just a closed section of road, that rider's are to adhere to the posted speed limit. I was told that these speed limits will still be policed.
    Craig, is there truth in what l have been told????
    I am on leave in October, so l might try to get up to Kyogle for a look.
    Anyhow, l wish the organisers and community all the best, hoping it is a success that will continue.
    Cheers Dobbo
  11. Hi mate
    The Lions road in parts is a private road with no speed limits
    There is a Facebook page and a website
    It is going to be a motorbike festival
    Drag racing at Casino on the Saturday night
    Live entertainment and anyone can register to do a timed stint
    There are some big names coming out to have some fun
    It should be a great place for like minded motorbike enthusiasts to hang out
  12. So it's not like the IOM TT then.
  13. The answer is yes and no
  14. Oh sorry, it's like the IOM TT but without the racing.......
  15. I missed the highlighted bit.

    There is no enforceable speed limit on the Lions Road? So you can ride as fast as you want with impunity from the law.
  16. Cheers mate
    It is an affordable event for everyone to get a time on a road surface with no one coming towards you and with some of the biggest names in Australian road racing
    There has been a great atmosphere so far with elite riders helping us not so elite
    Looking forward to a great weekend with like minded blokes
    There are not just sports bikes and sport tourers
    There are cruisers taking part as well
  17. Will there be groups dependent on skill level or will it be a free for all.
  18. Looks like the ride on Lions is just a cruise along a section of the road without cars.
    There's even a point in there about exhausts meeting requirements...
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  19. I will be looking after the bike drags at Casino this Sunday it is part of the Lions TT was supposed to be in Kyogle but couldn't get approval
    No timing equipment and one bike at a time
    Line up do a burnout and off you go
    If you come down come and say g'day
  20. Craig,

    I wish the organisers all the best with the event, as no matter what the format, this country needs more motorcycling events to get the public and government on side.
    I hope this event is accident free and will only grow in the future.
    looking forward to seeing a few pictures and reviews afterwards.