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NSW to Mandate Ethanol in Fuel

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, May 11, 2007.

  1. From ABC Online

    Ethanol to be in every NSW car
    New South Wales is set to become the first state to mandate the use of ethanol in petrol.

    The Minister for Rural Affairs and Regional Development, Tony Kelly, says the plan is for fuel to contain 2 per cent Ethanol from September onwards.

    Mr Kelly says the move will have many benefits for the environment and rural Australia.

    "The time for talk on Ethanol is over," he said.

    "The Federal government has gone missing on biofuel, so it's up to the states and territories now to lead the way."

    "I've outlined to Parliament the Government's intention to implement the 2 per cent mandate to meet the desired timeframe, and we'll shortly bring legislation before parliament."

    "It's also fantastic for the environment. It helps reduce the effect on the environment particularly smog particles."

    "It also replaces the fuel we import from overseas. A decade ago we imported $488 million worth of fuel from overseas. Last year we imported $10 billion worth."
  2. Cool! I have 10% ethanol fuel in my car at the moment
  3. Check the manufacturers recommendations for your bike!
  4. It's interesting. I was chatting with a car aficianodo (owns one of those blinged up commodores) and he thought that ethanol was great, and it improves the power - and he thought that this was the reason why servo's were adding it to their fuel. He never went to places like BP because they don't put ethanol in, he always sought ethanol out... He never realised that it has the potential to harm motors not designed for it etc.

    There is a misconception out there among many that ethanol in fuel has no negative side-effects.
  5. I study something could peak oil & gas and I can tell you that ethanol is not environmentally friendly at all. But I wont get into it here.
  6. This is from an older FCAI document on Ethanol.

    It refers to 5% & 10& blends.

    What difference 2% makes I have no idea.

    Further - as at 2005 (last date I have):

    Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yanaha and Piaggio specifically say do not use 5% ethanol mixes.

    BMW & Harley Davidson are OK post 1986 (BMW previous to that as well if the fuel system components are in good condition).

    Again, 2% may be a small enough amount to not cause problems but it's an unknown. :?

  7. is the goverment going to force manufacturers to support ethanol...or are we just expected to deal with it.......not sure you actually need to answer that though :roll: .
  8. Well that's 10% less crude we need to buy from the Middle East and also it gives our over polluting/subsidised sugar cane farmers another market, they need this as people have started to wake up to "too much sugar = bad health".

    Economics again, don't read anything else into it. It is the same debate for Nuclear Power. :evil:
  9. What about the crude oil needed to harvest the crops to make ethanol, then the oil needed to transport the ethanol, then the fertilizers derived from natural gas to actually grow the crops. Not the mention the fact that we're using food to fuel our cars, amazing.
  10. Yep, but to lable sugar as food is a misnomer.
  11. Yes, true, but corn which is so vital to the food industry as a whole is also being used to produce ethanol.
  12. mmmmm corn syrup, another curse on our society!
  13. ethanol manufacture **AT THIS TIME** creates more carbon than you save using it.
    It is not an environmental benefit **as currently manufactured**

    Howard placed a higher excise on Oz produced ethanol last year.

    "bio diesel" can be "home brewed" by your average family (and which could be carbon neutral to produce in the near future), ethanol cannot be "home brewed" as it is illegal to produce in the quantities needed for transportation at home. (ethanol is alcohol, just like in your bundy rum etc) No need to see why the various gum'nts want to push ethanol and not bio-diesel.

    It will corrode metal fuel system components, damage rubber fuel system components, has a lower calorific value, but does have a higher octane rating.

    Just like the lead in fuel debacle, it's a crock **as presently produced**

    But it'll keep the under-informed feeling warm and cuddly for an election or two.

    As for 2%... well that's less than the percentage of other crap that's already being used in some servo's to stretch the stock a bit further.

    Using ethanol in a yamaha will void your warranty. how is the duly elected NSW gum'nt gunna get round that???

    My two cents
  14. (i must be feeling poor today! :)

    They don't have to. Look at the introduction of unleaded fuels. Besides, how many of the voting public drive yamahas?

    that's right, infinite% less than drive suzukis, hondas and bmws.

    what's that I hear you say? Yamaha don't make cars? Well why the hell should we worry about them then!
  15. Posted this before in another thread but there is definate evidence that using ethanol in fuel is far worse for pollution levels and human health than not using it at all:
    (edit: at the very least it shows that more research should be done before every car on the road starts using it. Not make the same mistake that was made with lead and MTBE in fuel)

    Also a common misconception is that the ethanol used in Australia comes from sugar cane. It doesn't. The vast majority (around 90%) is produced from wheat and is largely controlled by a single company - so despite claims by some politicians it is not going to "help support struggling sugar cane growers".
  16. As earlier mentioned most bikes aren't supposed to run ethanol blended fuels.

    In addition to that most outboard motors aren't either.

    I don't have a problem with ethanol blended fuels being available, but making them the only choice sucks :evil:
  17. i distinctively remember a story or two on today tonight AND a current affair about how bad ethanol was for cars and how some "dodgey" petrol stations were 'watering down' our petrol with ethanol....

    Today tonight, A Current Affair.... what utter rubbish
  18. My car has been tuned to e10 fuel which i have been using the past year without problems. However I know it _can_ cause problems and for a govt to blatantly disregard prior research and force people to use it i find disgraceful.
  19. yeah but thats probably how it looked when they introduced unleaded petrol.
  20. United 94RON ethanol flooded and wrecked the carb on my 86 323, I'm definately not putting it in my Suby.