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[NSW]Time to get real angry people - NSW MCC meeting

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by gegvasco, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. Some more info from tonights MCC meeting.

    If you want more proof of the extremely poor way that motorcyclists are treated in NSW(as if you needed any more :evil: ), just heard at the MCC meeting that the RTA has outright refused to look at ANY measure to make wire rope barriers safer for motorcyclists. This is despite all of the MCC lobbying, a rider getting decapitated on the M4 and VicRoads being about to trial a 7.5km stretch of "rider-safe" WRB modifications on high motorcycle traffic roads. The RTA is just not interested at all because it would cost money.

    Did you know that green slips in NSW have skyrocketed over the last month or so. It isn't totally across the board but the MCC is getting reports that of the 7 licensed green slip providers many of them have almost double their prices. Some are around $650. It is now cheaper to buy an insurance green slip for a V8 in NSW than it is for a bike. Aparently this may be due to the Motor Accidents Authority amending the controls on pricing bands allowable for motorcycle green slips. MCC is looking itno it and putting a pseudo-legal case up against it.

    Speaking of insurance, the MCC may be taking up the fight for a rider who was "covered" by NRMA insurance(not NRMA general as NRMA insurance is now a different mob to NRMA proper) when a valve let go on the rear wheel at speed. Big stack resulted and the pillion was very seriously injured. When NRMA assessed the case they refused to cover them citing it as an at fault accident. Probably as a maintenance issue. They are now up shit creek thanks to these assholes. Dragon...can you shed any light on this?

    The state planning authorities are still totally neglecting motorcyclists. Recent proof was that one of the MCC delegates who is a pushbiker as well saw notices everywhere in the NSW pushbike community about this planning authority holding meetings. She mentioned it to the MCC who had not been contacted, nor had any other MC club that the MCC knew of. They sent a rep and when she spoke to the Senior planner, she mentioned that they had just completed the new plans for redeveloping parts of Darling Harbour, including parking and roads, and that had totally and utterly not considered motorcycles. Cars, trucks pushbikes, pedestrians are all catered for, but not motorcycles. MCC is trying to rectify that now.

    The more MCC meetings I attend the more I realise how disgraceful the state of road management is in NSW.
  2. That's horrible.

    I hate the NRMA with a passion.

    A friend of mine's older brother had his WRX stolen, it was fully insured with the NRMA [gawd, he could have afforded a Porsche with what the premium must have cost to insure the thing] - but there was some circumstance, I think the key was stolen from his house and THEN the car was stolen.
    Anyway - NRMA rejected the claim as he couldn't produce the key and prove that the theft wasn't arranged for the insurance money.

    His lawyer laid it out for him if he went to court:
    YOU WIN: NRMA pay your legal fees, and pay your policy out for the car.
    YOU LOSE: you pay NRMA's legal fees [hefty], you don't get anything for your car, AND NRMA can file a counter-suit for fraud which carries a fine and gaol-time.

    Poor dude couldn't stomach the risk, he was still at home with his mother dying of cancer and the whole family was in 'Spend as much time with mum as possible' mode. He copped it and spent the next 3.5 years paying off a car he didn't have.

    ... did I mention I hate the NRMA?

    Where are these meetings held BTW???
  3. from what I understand the NSW branch has been hit and miss fro a few years.

    can someone clarify this?

    I wouldn't mind getting a bit active in this.
  4. The MCC of NSW website is the best option: http://www.mccofnsw.org.au/. Because it represents as many clubs as possible (ie. is a "council"), to be a fully-fledged voting member you have to be a delegate of a recognised motorcycle club eg. Ducati Owners, Bikers Anon etc. That club has to formally nominate you to the MCC as a delegate. Having said that, while you can't be on any committees as a non-delegate, you can be very active as a volunteer. They are always looking for bodies for some of their tasks. For example, I'm not endorsed as a delegate yet, but I helped with some of the highway overpass banners for Motorcycle Awareness Week, I helped setup/teardown and man the MCC stand at the bike show, and I am now part of the team lobbying state politicians about rider issues leading up to the state election. So you can help out a lot even without being a delegate.

    Unfortunately netrider can't have delegation as it isn't a formal club with a board and constitution. Whereas ORoadSports, which is still mainly run as an internet forum, is a registered club(hence the lengthy application form) and therefore has representation.

    Things I have taken from my limited involvement so far:
    Lots of safety information
    Better appreciation for what the government/RTA ISN'T doing for us
    Better awareness of the events/rides going on around Sydney eg. Molong/Camp Quality/Toy Runs etc.
    Having a sense of doing something about rider issues by volunteering.

    PS> Look out for a change of venue for MCC meetings. The website may still say it is at Flemington markets but they are moving it to Silverwater and the next meeting will be the first Monday night in February due to the XMAS/New Year period.
  5. From what I have picked up at 3 meetings so far, I think about 5 years ago they were struggling. But they have some very energetic people doing some really good things now. Just look at www.pleaselooktwice.com to see what I mean. That is entirely an MCC of NSW initiative which has now gone international. So much so that they have had to start refusing requests for further international distribution because there are three actors in the ad and their contracts were for Australian release only. They are working on re-negotiating that.

    They have a guy called Brian Wood who is the chairman of the safety sub-committe and he is doing some incredible things and actually getting rider safe things through the RTA - a normally impossible task. You know the steel roadworks plates? Well 4 years of lobbying by him has led to the RTA accepting a standard for the plates to have a paint applied to them to provide some grip. And any works that now don't comply with this standard, if reported, must be fixed immediately. This is happening already.

    If the MCC used to be a limp noodle before, it certainly isn't now.
  6. I'm not remembering a specific 'close one', but I probably owe that ^guy a beer :eek:
  7. I reckon over the coming years, a lot of people will.
  8. Make sure you post closer to the date. I ride through silverwater on the way home.