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[NSW] Three Points Ride, Fri Oct 20th

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. Friday -Sunday 20th - 22nd October

    Destination; Tamworth NSW

    Sydney riders to travel via Windsor, Putty Road, Branxton, then Gresford, Stroud, Gloucester then Thunderbolt's Way to Walcha and then to Tamworth. Home via same route, or New England Highway and the F3.

    Newcastle riders to meet Sydney contingent at Branxton.

    Coffs/Port Macquarie riders to travel via the Oxley to Walcha, and then home by the same route.

    Queensland riders?? All welcome.

    Accommodation would be at the Paradise Caravan Park.

    Sightseeing and riding, plus the Tamworth Motorcycle Museum.

    This is not an amateur ride, but will be conducted at legal speeds. Sydney riders will be doing nearly 500kms in the day, you'll need to have the bike and the stamina to do this trip.
  2. I'd prolly make it down there - my birthday is on the Saturdee - but I might give the bike museum a swerve. I've heard nothing good about it.
  3. Heh heh I thought you meant a ride that was gona cost at least 3 points on your license... Hahaha!
  4. oops, should have thought of that :grin:

    No, a ride from three points to one, sort of like the Mercedes badge....
  5. hmm i could of sworn i replied to this before, but yeah im interested..again..

    i think im going nuts i sware i have posted on this before :oops: :?
  6. hmm, I only posted it yesterday and you replied tonight, but anyway it would be great to have you come along....
  7. Very Interested ,

    But as it's along way off ,so put me down as a 90%Yes , i will take a tent if no accommodation is left and book last minute.
    it's my job ,some weekends i just can't get the time off.
  8. Will you ns/welshmen pls stop mentioning the damn Oxley hwy !!
    every time i hear that, it takes me back to the two fantastic years i lived in Walcha and did that ride at least once every w/end :twisted:

    And want to take the VTR for a spin through there ( and with my brothers moving to Coffs i may get to do it soon though )

  9. Well, it's a long time to October.......
  10. I'll keep this one in mind...the dates are towards the end of the mad Scotsman's expected healing time. I think he may be happy going 2 up for a fun weekend. I'll say 50% at this stage for the 2 of us....

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  11. Hey fantastic, Lil and Stookie, we can chat about it further when I come down for the Netrider Dinner (I presume the couch is still available :LOL: ? )
  12. Hi hornet600, I'm very interested. I'm 75% certain that I can make it, count me in for now.
  13. Hey terrific!

    I've posted this on the events calendar as an official event, and I'm waiting for the Admin's approval.

    I have posted it as a Touring Advanced ride, not to put people off, but because the Friday leg will be around 500kms. Having said that, last year N1GH7-R1D3R rode from Wollongong to Melbourne via the Princes Highway in one hit, 15 hours all up and over 1,000kms, on his ZZR250.

    I'm looking forward to this; it will be a week after my daughter's wedding and I'm anticipating a let-off from the pressure of the months ahea dof me now. I've ridden this route and posted a detailed reconnoitre of it.


    Ok folks, here's the hot goss on the Tamworth Ride.

    Yesterday I rode to Tamworth (and back! But that's another story) to reconnoitre the weekend's ride. I left the servo at Wilberforce at 8:00 am and with all stops included, I arrived at the Paradise Caravan Park in Tamworth at 4:00 pm. I travelled at a constant 100kph for the whole trip (apart from a hilarious carve-up with a Telstra Falcon near Walcha) and had the usual fuel stops and a half hour meal break at Walcha.

    POINT ONE: From the servo at Wilberforce via the planned route the ride is 566 kilometres. As much as it would be great for as many people as possible to be involved, I would not class that distance as a novice ride. Our planned departure time at Wilberforce is 9:00am. This would put us in Tamworth at around 5:00 pm without factoring in photo-opportunity stops, and the various other things which are part of a group ride. If you have any doubts about your ability to ride at that speed for 8 hours (stops included) then perhaps it might be best not to put your hand up; there will be shorter weekend rides if this one is successful.

    POINT TWO: I have booked two cabins at the Paradise Caravan Park; enough accommodation for 10 people. I need to know if more people than that are coming. There are a few more cabins available, but I need to book as soon as possible just in case they aren't when 15 of us arrive. The total cost of each cabin, including supply of linen, is $120.00. (That's $24 per person.) We are going to be staying 2 nights, so budget $50 for your accommodation, not counting meals, of course.

    I rode the route as publicised. Wilberforce to Singleton via the Putty Road, down the New England Highway to Branxton, then across to Gresford, Dungog, Gloucester, then Walcha and into Tamworth from the North via the New England Highway. One general observation is that the warmer weather has brought out milions of small bugs; if your visor is a bit dodgy to begin with, bring a spare or start out with a new one; you'll be cleaning it a lot!

    The Putty is in fine condition, no road works, just a couple of lazy kangaroos (unusual for daytime). STOP at maccas in Singeleton for breakfast/coffee etc. We will fuel up at Singelton as well for those with smaller tanks, because once you get off the highway, fuel was never below $1.29c a litre (may even be higher by the weekend give 69c per barrel price in New York this morning!!)

    The road from Branxton across to Gresford is B-Road at best. It's got thousands of filled and re-filled holes, so the surface is fairly bumpy, but there are no open potholes or nasty surprises. There are three Zig-Zag bridges (45ks left, bridge, 45ks right) and the first of them has a dead-stop exit and it's very bumpy. (Leader's responsibility to set the pace here).

    Gresford to Dungog is 27 kays, then another 23 kays to turn-off onto the famous Buckett's Way. This section is also old and a bit rough, but marginally better than the Branxton - Gresford section.

    Buckett's Way into Gloucester is A-road and no dramas to report.
    From Gloucester is is 198 kays to Tamworth, via Walcha. We turn a few kays out of Gloucester to the ominiously-named Thunderbolt's Way. This is an amazing road, with two spectacular mountain passes and lots of twisty bits. Many of the corners are speed-advised, but some are not. Two lookouts afford incredible views over the valleys below. Photo opportunity.

    Unfortunately, once you get off that road and turn left towards Walcha, the next 120 kays or so are dead boring. Typical NSW country roads; not much scenery, undulating and straight! I had lunch at around 2:30 in Walcha.

    The road from Walcha to the New England Highway has a couple of interesting parts, two drops in to river crossings, but apart from that it's pretty straightforward A-road till you hit the New England. Needless to say the New England is A1-class highway, but the traffic is much heavier.

    So that's about it; it will be an enjoyable ride, but a long ride and one which will place emphasis on concentration, endurance and patience.
    It WILL take longer than 8 hours as a group ride, for all the reasons that crop up on group rides. The office at the caravan park closes at 7:00pm, so we will need to be in Tamworth before that; that give us 10 hours pretty constant travelling to get there and get our beds for the night.
  14. The couch is yours whenever your here paul, never need to ask.
    I hope to be recovered enough to do the ride. Maybe i will be able to ride it too.

    Me not ride a bike, yeah whatever....... I be back on the road for Upgrade time, my sanity depends on it.
  15. Can i put my hand up for this one Paul or do you think i'll hold people up??? I have an uncle who lives in Tamworth also so it'd be a good chance to catch up with him. He is a rider also, although the scary, rough biker type who rides a harley. He looks the part but is a big teddy bear inside so it'll be great to see him again (Tats, rings, handle bar 'Mo' included).

    Let me know what you think. Please don't hesitate to shoot me down if you think i'll slow the crew down.

    Josh =0)
  16. You didn't slow anything down on the trip to Melbourne, buddy, and I've already made reference to your stamina in the saddle on that trip. The more the merrier......
  17. Just a quick note here, folks, I MAY have to move it to the weekend after, 20-21-22 October. Mrs Hornet may be feeling a little lonely if I buzz off on a ride only a few days after Jen's wedding, and I mya have to obey the Biblical injunction of 'staying at home to cheer up my wife'. I'll let you know in good time, but if you can, keep both weekends free, I really want you to enjoy this ride.
  18. YAY!!! I qualify, WOO HOO!! BRING ON TAMWORTH!!!
  19. Put me down as a probable Paul :)
  20. Paul, when are you likely to know which weekend? I need to give work a reasonable amount of notice as I'll take a week or so off to enjoy the ride...

    Spoke to the boss who seems keen to go even though he probably won't be riding himself, so we'll definately be in!

    :grin: :grin: :grin: