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[NSW] Three Points Ride, Fri Nov 23rd

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Paul Hall

    It's on again, but later this year to avoid clashing with the GP, the Netrider Dinner, and whatever else. Also it should provide warmer weather.

    It's a three-day event, 23rd to the 25th of November 2007. .

    Day one, Sydney and south riders depart ...

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  2. Sounds pretty sweet, marking it on the calendar.
  3. Last year it was suggested that I posted this ride up too early, three months out. SO this year I've learned the error of my ways, and posted it up FOUR months out :LOL:.

    It is a fun weekend, however, and I'll bump it with updates every now and then....
  4. Woo Hoo! Not working this year. :grin:
    Now to get approval from the Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Treasurer.... :wink:
  5. provided i dont have an army weekend, im in, or a wedding like why i had to pull out of the eden ride :LOL:
    this sounds like a belter of a trip. is there any dirt between singo and stroud? the old topo maps i was looking at for the oxley run (which never happened) marked dirt roads there? the resurfacing walcha to uralla is finished so there aint no dirt there no more

  6. No dirt on any of the trip, I did a full recce in '05 (1228kms in a day :shock:) and we rode it last year.

    However, if you read the ride report from last year you will note that some of the roads around Stroud/Gloucester are "C" roads at best, with innumerable tar patching having been done over the years. As well, I have no idea of what impact the recent flood situation may have had on these roads....
  7. Quite a bit of an impact Paul. Lots of resurfacing work happening in the Singleton & Dungog shires at the moment. I can think of a couple of bridges near Clarence Town and Dungog that have had their supports washed away & are awaiting repair, with diversions in place. Hopefully all should be right by November.
  8. hmmm bucketts way and thunderbolts way were fine when i went through about a month ago, mind you fine by what you would expect. they had just finished resurfacing down the bottom of thunderbolts before the main hill climb. paul you going to do another recce run this year?? id be up for that!

  9. :LOL: Funny you should ask that; when I posted about current road conditions I DID think, "hmmm a recce run would be good!!!"

    You'll be the first to know. The Hornet needs a 100,000km service in the next few weeks, so it would be after that :).
  10. It is a long way away, but as long as nothing else comes up, likee dom i'm an inner. Hey dom, are you interested in cheecking out waterfall way possibly on th middle day with me?
  11. All the best with the ride Paul, I'd only suggest that you go (and possibly meet) via Broke rather than Singleton, about the same distance from Mcgraths Hill, and you get more back roads and you're only on the New England for about 8kms before turning to Gresford.

    All these roads are fine (as of a few days ago), Thunderbolts all tar again after a couple of kms of resurfacing when I went up there in May.
  12. bloody oath to waterfall way. i reckon we could get nathan up for it aswell.
  13. Woot! :grin: I'll bring the camera
  14. Sounds like fun, but sadly will be overseas for another week after this ride. :(
  15. tweet i rekon i'd rather be in hawai than bloody tamworth :LOL:
    whats the new toy that you are getting mate?

  16. Will tell you as soon as I have her in my garage :)
  17. Well under a bit of pressure i will be taking the day off work and will be joining the trip. Sounds like it will be a great ride, will make sure to stock up on puncture repair kits!
  18. Sad update, I have just been told that I must vacate the house we are renting from a chap in our church so his son can have the place :(. This will be sometime in the next few weeks and with the use of time, and the expense, I won't be able to make this ride this year. If the folks committed would still like to do the ride (I know one has PMd me that he can't due to work committments), I'm happy to provide the details of the place I intended to book for the two nights, and you can contact them re accommodation.

    It has not been a good year, with missing the Netrider Dinner, and now this.... :(.