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[NSW] Thredbo

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by spawn, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. Spotted some deer, roos and emus on/near the road so keep an eye out if you're going up that way in future.

  2. Um any particular road? A few around that way. Never seen any deer ever so thats a newie.Well for me anyway.
  3. Cheers spawn. (y)
    Heading down that way this weekend. (I'm always rostered on for the Snowy Ride so we're having our own :grin: )

    Sprinter, On the road out to the ski tube, there are emus, deer and roos. We we're pointng them out to the kids in August when we were down there.

    I hope I don't get to see any up close and personal this weekend. At least not while we're mobile.
  4. Funny.Ive done that road a lot and never seen a deer even once. Didnt even know there were any there.:?

    As for roos well might be easier to say which roads you dont run that risk on. 4Wds are a bigger hazard up there.
  5. I saw a deer on the side of the road in the tight stuff before the ski tube, but roos and emus were after the ski tube.

    Edit: that is, heading towards Jindabyne.

  6. hmmmm now where is my gun
  7. you bring the gun Goz, and i'll bring the garlic, salt and olive oil.

    exhaust roasted roadkill....mmmm
  8. on the monday after the Snowy ride going down the Alpine Way heaps of roos/wallabies, about 7/8 am
  9. Yep, was there same time and I lost count after a while.
    And as it was wet, (and had my slicks on...oops) was happy to go slow until the roads dried and opened up.