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[NSW] those genius beauracrats, re: parking

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by evelknievel75, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. ok, so its not City of Sydney beauracrats, more mosman council ( think toorak, with just as many wankers ) who put this "brilliant" sign up to "increase" motorcycle parking in their area.

    see first pic i took, then laugh at second pic.
    maybe in first pic they meant "Honda Goldwing" exempted as the "only" bike that could park there. you can bet some wanker ranger would come by and ping both bikes if someone was brave enough to park two bikes there....

    1st pic

    2nd pic


    [​IMG] :LOL:
  2. Geeze, they only give away free M/C parking spots grudgingly.

    Having ONE spot for a SINGLE motorcycle is more about maximising parking revenue than solving the parking problem.
  3. Is that scooter the Conveyancer's conveyance?
  4. i believe they mean "solo" motorcycle...not "single" motorcycle.

    you could fit 2 small bikes in that spot.

    what you all complain about bike parking then when you get it you still complain ? :p
  5. and whats the problem
  6. Looks like they are just trying to make use of free space.
  7. In the old parlance, 'solo' referred to a motorcycle without a sidecar (sidecars were pretty common). It's still phrased that way in the legislation.
    Probably more an issue about the wording than anything else - you could park more than one, I'd say.
  8. or trike ??? sidecar ??? :LOL:
  9. I can't believe everyone does not know that. must be showing my age. In victoria at any rate it says (or did last time I looked) solo on the rego sticker
  10. Hmm, I thought it referred to yellow Hyosungs.

    (Yes it's a lemon joke)
  11. 3 Sachs Madasses
    2 Honda Ct posties
    1 1/2 250cc sports bikes
    1 500-1000 cc
    1/2 goldwing or electraglide
  12. Yeah, Solo/Combination stuff.

    Thought it was common knowledge as well.
  13. sorry you mexicans, it doesn't say that on NSW rego stickers...

    you guys have it easy down there on parking, up north of the border they will ping you for anything possible here.

    but at least we advertise our speed cameras :p