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(NSW) Them green slips eh?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by thecptn v1.1, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. A few months back there was a big ruckus over the unfair huge slug in greenslip costs, there was even a jolly big demonstration, from what I recall those in the powers to be where going to reconsider the decision, it has been many months now, and as far as I am aware, there hasn't been a peep about this, the question I think is, is any thing going to change, or was it just pissing in the wind?, I go to uni and I got a cheap 250 run-about because of the cheap rego, since I cant afford it now I have no bloody transport, so what is going on? are the insurance companies gunna cut us some slack or shall it be more protests? or shall we enjoy our urine splashed trousers for life?.

  2. There has been talk of more protests there is also a petition to axe soames job or what ever his name is look in bundy and tex bite the dust the link for the pettition is in there.
    Hopefully there will be more protests soon as its f kn stupid the greenslip prices
  3. From what I remember the the opposition [shadow?] road minister was going to do something about them but since the libs aren't in not much can happen at the moment, but I was listening to him on 2GB and he didn't sound too convincing on other matters to do with transport infrastructure.
  4. The president of the MCC of NSW, now sits on the board that overseas the green slip process. That was the biggest change.

    The thing that is being ignored is that one of the reasons it is going up is that you are now covered if you are the at fault motorist for the first $5K of medical bills.

    This was to transfer the costs from hospitals onto motorists.

    As many motorcyclists are riding alone previously there was very little costs but this has greatly increased because of at fault coverage. I don't think that we will see a decrease in green slips unless we either transfer the burden of at fault accidents from motorcyclists to either the wider automotive community or back to the whole community.

    Our only argument as motorcyclists is that our at fault injuries should be carried by the wider community because of the benefits that we provide to the community in reducing costs borne by the community in traffic and pollution.

    More about the changes here http://www.greenslips.com.au/scheme-changes-2009-a-2010.html

    NB: One of the themes of the protest was that 250cc riders green slip prices had gone up by a large percentage. This was because the analysis was done and found that a lot of motorcycles of 250cc capacity had crashes (probably because they were less experienced riders or commuters). The MCC has said that this is unfair as the 250cc owners are sharing a unfair load of costs for injuries because it should be based on the amount of costs of injuries not the frequency of crashes. Effectively the 250cc is paying for the costs from other cc classes. This may be changed but it will just mean that the other classes greenslips will go up.
  5. didn't they also base it on total crashes instead of third party claims?
  6. Is Netrider a member of the MCC of NSW?

    There is stuff going on. One of the demands made was that the MAA be audited by an independent accounting firm, and that audit is still in progress.
  7. ...which firm was it. IIRC it was some two-bit unknown ****ing plucked from nowhere so as to get the results they want.
  8. Yes, thats wha i meant, I might not have been clear.
  9. News to me, at the last MCC meeting it was said to be one of the big 4. Have you got a source for your info?