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[NSW] Theft insurance for unregistered vehicle

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Ljiljan, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. Doubt location matters though

    Trying to get theft insurance for my bike, as its unregistered and I'm trying to sell it. After a look around, it seems no one is willing to insure an unregistered bike, even though im not after on-road insurance, just standard theft.

    Anyone been in this situation before and know what to do, or just have some glimmer of insight into the situation?
  2. Cant help you with the unregistered bit, but in my experience fire and theft insurance for bikes is exorbitant for what the cover is.

    Insurance companies basically want you to keep it in a locked garage.

    In which case my recommendation would be to skip the insurance and figure out how to keep the bike locked up and out of sight.
  3. cheers mate, I've got that part covered.

    I guess it comes down to should I allow a test ride on an unregistered vehicle?
  4. The answer to your last question is no. If you must let prospective buyers test ride it, get it registered and insured fully comp.

    To get the type of insurance you want in the first question call Bikebiz in Parramatta, and speak to thier Finance and Insurance guys. This type of insurance is used by racers and motocrossers, you must have the bike in a locked garage, and padlocked to the floor. I can't remember who the insurer is, but I know Bikebiz can get it for you.
  5. I wouldn't.

    There is always the possibility of 'interum' rego or whatever its called - can get temporary rego for a day or a week for the purposes of transportation to get necessary work done to get it registered, or to take interstate and then register, etc. So if you had a few buyers lined up in a week you could get that.
  6. And you can now get 3 months rego in NSW, instead of having to pay for a whole year.
  7. doesnt matter now, its all but sold.
  8. Not that it matters now but Shannons have a thing called 'laid up' insurance. Its mainly intended for project cars (and bikes id assume).
  9. thanks, good for future reference