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[NSW] The Snowy Ride for The Children's Cancer Institute Aus

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Fixed, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. http://www.snowyride.com.au/

    Heya, is anyone planning on taking a trip north for the Snowy Ride on the 26th of November?

  2. *considers*

    I've been planning a trip north for a while, so if I could jump in a ride on the way it'd be well worth it, I think. Not to mention it's riding for a good cause, and I'd love to see the Snowy region on a bike. :)
  3. You beat me to it, my dear :p

    Its a lot for entry ($50), but ALL proceeds go to the Steven Walter Foundation for children's cancer research.

    ...and its another opportunity for other states to meet (riders, that is) :D

    :D :D :D
  4. I will be in Tassie at that time :)
  5. SAAAAAAME :p :p :p
  6. From memory Barnesy is playing live again for free.

    Had some mates go up last year, said it was a hoot.
  7. i could be up for this... the ride from cooma to the mountains is a top run... expecially when it's not snow season - the roads are almost deserted :D
  8. This one looks like a ripper ride with a good cause, might see if I can get there.
  9. Yeah? We should exchange numbers and connect-up for a ride one day or a feed and drink at a pub one night. PM me your number. :) :LOL: :p
  10. Might be up for this, the weather will certainly be better. Have to practice the twisty bits though...:LOL:
  11. I might be in this too. Great cause, great roads and an opportunity to harras the Mexican netrider brigade....mmmmmm, thinks.
  12. Taaaaassietassietassietassietassie.... :twisted:
  13. I'm seriously considering the Snowy Ride. Great roads, great cause. Probably even good weather by then.

    Could be a blast! :)
  14. i did this last year, was living in canberra then. bucketed down with rain (like riding through a pool) snowed, sleeted, hailed, blew a gale, was the best group ride i have been on. i would recommend this no matter what the weather. if i still have my bike and can get friday before off, i'll be making the trip. accom is cheap too if you book a dorm room in thredbo.

    oh yeah, only saw one cop the whole weekend (on stage during the presentations). the other bikes can be a bit of a danger though. over 2000 bikes on the roads, sometimes doing considerably over double the limit, can create problems and mainly from behind (i.e. you don't even know someone is coming up behind to overtake until the flash past).

    also you only need pay the $50 if you are community minded and want to be in the competition. there is no entrance gate to check if you're paid up. nice to donate some cash to charity though and a chance to win some great prizes (including a new honda, last year anyway).
  15. Snowy Ride 2005

    Snowy Rides on again this year, November 26th.
    Maybe a bit early to post but for those who are new to this details here: www.snowyride.com.au

    It's a great weekend ride from Thredbo through the Snowy's with several thousand other bikes, all to raise money for kids cancer.

    Accom is starting to get hard to book now so if anyone wants to go, start planning now. I do have a few beds available in my chalet but they wont last long.
  16. So - in terms of riding up from Melbourne on Friday, is this a goer? I'm giving it serious consideration, though it'll depend on securing accommodation.

    If anyone wants to go but hasn't signed up, wednesday is cut-off day for getting a start pack mailed out.
  17. i get my pack either on the way up there or Saturday morning.
    Guess it would be easier to get it mailed out but its just one more thing for me to forget to pack :)
  18. Snowy ride

    I have just got a leave pass to go to the Snowy Ride (leave Sat am and return Sun pm). Is anyone else going?