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[NSW] The Six Hour - This weekend.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by rc36, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. The Belray Six Hour Race takes place at Sydney's Oran Park this weekend. Support races. practice, qualifying and Superpole today, the big race tomorrow.


    The last ever motorcycle race at Oran Park. Don't miss it.
  2. Qualifying was a blast today. Don't pass up the opportunity to come out to Oran tomorrow and farewell the old lady in style.
  3. The 6 hour died with Amaroo Park. This meeting marks the end of Oran Park nothing more, nothing less.=D>
  4. Had a look at the website. Can't find any results. They tease you with "big names" but don't say exactly who is competing.
  5. Doesn't matter now, the race has been run and won, by a Honda.....
  6. Brilliant post for your second effort here, Roy. However, I think you might be in the minority and a whole host of past Six Hour characters there today were delighted to see the race re-created.

    Oh, and, since the race was for Six Hours, what exactly would you ave LIKED it to be called.

    Forums 101: Think first, THEN type. =D>
  7. Brilliant post for your second effort here, Roy. However, I think you might be in the minority and a whole host of past Six Hour characters there today were delighted to see the race re-created.

    Oh, and, since the race was for Six Hours, what exactly would you have LIKED it to be called.

    Forums 101: Think first, THEN type. =D>

    I'll have a full report on my web site later tonight.
  9. Did you ever ride in the "6 hour" rc36?
  10. And if so for how many hours?
  11. I've posted a report on my web site, and I hope to add some excellent pictures tomorrow. Read about it there.
  12. Nice report RC36 "two thumbs up"

    The only report I could find on the race nothing even on MCNEWS

    I kinda have to agree with Royboy and the six hour did die @ Amaroo, just like Aussie Superbikes lost interest to me when Roy Leslie stopped racing and I am no Ducati fan.
  13. Yeah, I looked on mcnews as well. I don't think they even had a reporter there.

    No, I have to disagree. The Six Hour didn't "die" when it left Amaroo. It got better. The track was too small, too short, too cramped and the fast bikes of the early 80's had outgrown the track's ability to support it. That era saw some horrific deaths at Amaroo in other racing and some fearsome injuries, riders paying with their lives for putting it on the line on a track that was no longer capable of supporting what they were doing. I was calling the race when poor Dave Braha died. One of the nicest guys to ever strap on a helmet, out there on the Laverda, having fun and the track killed him. At any other circuit the run-off would have been sufficient to stop the bike and to allow him to get up and walk away.

    In fact, I'll go as far as to say that, if the Six Hour HADN'T moved from Amaroo, it WOULD have died, and sooner.

    With respect to your opinion, the only people who believe that the Six Hour died when it left Amaroo are people whose lives and memories are mired in a past that never really happened.

    Yesterday I interviewed some past champion riders, Len Atlee, Mike Steele, Michael Cole, and I spoke to others. Without exception, these legends of the Six Hour (and people who achieved more than the Coburn clan could even DREAM of, let alone do) said that the revival of the Six Hour was the best thing that had happened in the sport for a long time. Many of them said that, given the chance, they'd be out there again, mixing it with the young blokes, having fun and enjoying the cameraderie that the event had in spades.

    The guy who wrote the definitive book on the subject was there, soaking up the atmosphere and smiling with unconcealed delight at the return of the iconic event.

    I do have to ask, though. Were you there? I'd bet that none of the Coburn clan were! Because, if you didn't SEE the race, enjoy the atmosphere, feel the intensity, then you can't really comment knowledgeably on whether or not the Six Hour lives.

    I saw every Six Hour from 1976 to 1981, commentated in 1979 when the great and late Alen Hales won the race for Suzuki. And, from where I sat, yesterday's race was as good as any that I saw in the Amaroo days, rivalling Kenny's wonderful win on the Beemer with Joe in 1977.

    THIS Six Hour IS the spirtitual successor of those wonderul events, in every respect. Coburns, who were always known for being short on talent and long on self-promotion, can decry it all they like. Their opinion is irrelevant.

    Oh, and thatnks for the "thumbs up" on the report. I was torched when I got home and it took some effort to collect the thoughts and perceptions and get them down while they were still fresh. Thanks to Keith Muir, I hope to have some high quality photos to go with the report today or tomorrow. Thanks for reading.
  14. Friggen awesome. More crochety old dudes banging heads about $hit that happened in the past. Let the crankiness begin.

    Well done again gentlemen. Well done.
  15. How sad.

    What about AMCN?

    What are all these references to the "Coburn clan" about?
  16. Amaroo Park was dangerous but so too is the Ilse of Man which to my knowledge has recorded 227 fatalities and yet riders still continue to participate knowing the risk involved. I assume you would like to see the TT dead and buried RC36 because the bikes outgrew the place DECADES AGO.
    IIRC no one was killed while participating in the 6 hour at Amaroo Park.
    I have no idea what the Coburns have done to deserve your vitriol but why should their opinion(s) be any more irrelevant than your own.
    Banned users do not have the right of reply and as such should not be slandered in a public forum.
    Just my 2 bobs worth.:-$
  17. Wow, what testing conditions - really must applaud the riders that lasted the day, and those that tried!

    ROYBOY, you can't really compare closed road circuits with race tracks? The TT, Ulster, etc, are a world removed. Oran is dated as a race track too, some corners have limited or no run off at all - I'm surprised nobody has died on 12. That said, it's a shame to see it go...
  18. You are correct that nobody died while competing in a Six Hour at Amaroo (although there were a few close calls :)) but I made it clear in my post that many others did in other forms of bike racing that took place there.

    You are also correct that the death toll on the IoM doesn't stop people racing there, but I hardly think you can compare a purpose-built track to the open roads of a true road circuit, but anyway.

    As for the Coburns, yes, they have been banned, numerous times, it's true, and they keep on re-registering and flooding various threads with their verbal diahorrea.

    Yak, yeah, quite the worst conditions I have seen for a race (practice at Hume Weir in January 1977 was worse, but then on race day it howled down rain all day, gotta love Victoria). In the course of the day the wind, which was always blastingly hot, shifted around to nearly ever direction so that, with all the other things that the riders had to contend with, they had to take that into account as well.

    I take my hat off to each and every one of them, they are true supermen.

    Hey, I have found a complete set of results, on the amb web site, the people who did the electronic timing. Unfortunately, the results only show the team names, not the names of the riders on that team.

    If there is sufficient interest I can reconstitute that data (match Team names to Rider names) and I'd be happy to do that. Let me know.
  19. Just on a sidenote RC, is Oran Park much better for motorcycles? Not familiar with the layout of Amaroo but I remember racing on 4 wheels at Oran thinking it would be a nasty place for bikes given the walls and bugger all run-off on many sections (like the figure 8) and the second turn after the bridge, although I imagine it would be bloody fun!!
  20. It was, with the possible exception of King of the Weir 1979 (?), the hottest, most unpleasant day for racing that I can remember seeing. The temperature was at least in the low 40s. Combine that with a 30 -40 knot hot W-NW wind, and the air temp must have been in the high 40s.

    The stamina and fitness and athleticism of our modern crop of riders is amazing, and that's an understatement. More than one of the old guard agreed that they could not have ridden the old bikes at their top pace for as long as these young heros did yesterday.

    I for one count it a privilege to have been there and to have seen Robert Holland scything through traffic for lap after lap, inventing new places to pass, or at least passing in places where others would have feared to tread. His second-last stint was a master-class.

    And how good are the modern superbikes? There was, as far as I know, only one mechanical retirement, under the most brutal of treatment bikes should have had to face. There were 5 crashes, of which two bikes were brought back to the pits, rebuilt, and completed the required number of laps to be classified (as far as I know).

    But most importantly, the race was won, fair and square, out on the track. The Six Hour's unenviable reputation for controversy was pleasingly not maintained. The Safety Car was deployed on a couple of occasions, but ironically, a crucial pit-stop by the Demolition Team just before the first deployment was a key factor in their success.

    The meeting was not well-attended, and the weather undoubtedly played a part, but I would have been kicking myself for a long time had I missed it. My congratulations to all concerned.